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Change the Shortcut URL for split DNS

Level 3

We have a default installed EV environment in a testenvironment with a fqdn of ev.testlab.local and an allias evserver.testlab.local.

We have EV11 with Exchange 2013 and want to deploy the EV mail app in Exchange 2013 WebApp.

According the manual i have installed the app with the following code:

$Mbx = get-mailbox "testuser1"
$uri = new-object system.uri(
"http://EVserver.testlab.local/EnterpriseVault/OfficeMailAppManifest.aspx?LegacyMbxDn=" +
$Mbx.LegacyExchangeDN + "&BaseURL=")
$webclient = New-Object Net.Webclient
$webClient.UseDefaultCredentials = $true
$bytes = $webclient.DownloadData($uri)
New-App -organizationApp -DefaultstateForUser:enabled -FileData $bytes
catch [Net.WebException]
[Net.HttpWebResponse] $webResponse = [Net.HttpWebResponse]$_.Exception.Response;
Write-Warning $webResponse.StatusDescription

i logon to a client that is not a member of the domain and in the hostfile i created two hostfile entries: (Owa 2013)

When i login to OWA, i see the EV mail app and a EV banner in the message body  "this message has been archived" with a URL


When i open the mail app, i am getting a basic loginpage, login as testuser1 and the EV buttons this normal??

When i open the archived message through a button evrything works fine

When i open de URL in the message body, the page cannot be displayed due incorrect URL



If i manually change the URL to i also get an basic login prompt, log in as user2 and the original email opens in a new IE tab.

What can i do to change this URL so that it will be accessible both internal and external. I don't like to rewrite the URL with a proxy or some kind.

I found multiple articles for changing the URL but as far as i can see these are written for older EV and Exchange 2010-2007







Level 4

is evserver.testlab.local internal link?

is published externally? - Can we access this internally too?

As quick fix, the host entry can be made to evserver.testlab.local to hit EVServer externally.

> Login prompt is common as external network use basic auth.