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Enterprise Vault

Hi Team, We are  in the process of upgrading Indexing from 32 bit – 64 bit for Journaling environment. We are using EV version 10.0.4. We have around 16 K Archive which needs the upgrade.  Please let me know if  there is any documentation for best p...

Resolved! 11.0.1 CHF4 release date?

Hello, does anybody know release date estimate for 11.0.1 CHF4? (a customer wants to have Outlook 2016/Windows10 support). regards Michal

Michal_Mikulik1 by Moderator
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Resolved! EV10.4 integration with EMC VNX Nas share

Hi Guys   I was looking for some guidance or assistance regarding issues we have been having getting our EMC VNX5800 nas integrating with EV 10.4 FSA. We are moving away from Windows file servers, and looking to move our company files to a NAS cifs...

nickt2 by Level 4
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Resolved! Delete only shortcut policy - settings review

Hi all, forgive me asking this here but my lab is broken  I need to configure EV to allow shortcut deletion by users, but to prevent the archived item from being deleted:   My settings are: Desktop policy: Options, Delete from Vault enabled, with...

Rem_y by Level 4
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EV Journal Archiving Task Not Clearing all Messages

Hello, I have two customers, one with EV 8.0.1 and one with EV 11.0.1. At both custoers the Journal Archiving task is chugging along but in both cases there are thousands of times that are not being cleared from the journal mailbox. I have run a t...

Resolved! EVAULT - Moving mailboxes to vault

Hello, I'm moving mailboxes to vault... by groups. How can i know if the process is finished? or better... the percent running??? Thank you.   Enterprise Vault 10.0

Resolved! Restore from Exchange 2013

Hello all, We're in the progress of moving mailboxes to Exchange 2013 from Exchange 2010. The Exchange 2013 servers are not defined in Enterprise Vault. A user whose mailbox is moved to 2013 is able to open shortcuts by doubleclicking, using the n...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Adding new Exchange domain to EV site

Hi I want to add a new Exchange Domain (Domain B) to an EVsite that exists in Domain A (separate Forests)  Domain A hosts the EV server. the VSA and some Exchange servers already..... Domain B hosts some new Exchange servers that I want to archive ...

CadenL by Moderator
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Enterprise vault storage service keeps stopping

Hi, I have Enterprise Vault 11 installed on Win2K12 server. The issue is, I had done some file system archive to the Storage unit. But somehow, storage system deleted the volume being used for the archive storage. So I am not able to delete the p...

How can I resolve error message about EV office mail app

Hi all I treasure your reply. I am running EV 11.01 and Exchange 2013 on Windows 2012 R2. For EV Office Mail App, I tried to install using powershell of Exchange so it was installed as following picture, but there is a error message if I click Ente...

Jake_kang by Level 4
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Resolved! EV 11 EVS - Mobile Web Browser Support

Hello, I tried to access EVS from an iPad running Safari yesterday. You can browse EVS and download attached JPGs. However I was unable to download attached PDFs. I double checked the SCL and I could not find explicit support for iPad Safari with E...

Resolved! How to move multiple EV servers to new servers.

Hi, I have a small question regarding how to move multiple EV servers to new Windows servers? Perviously, I have moved a lot of single EV server environments, but not multiple. I have always followed this article for moving single EV server: https...

Gill2 by Level 4
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Conflicting outlook add-ins

If I install the Enterprise Vault add-in for outlook 2010 first, I can double click on an email and it loads up fine. After I install a add-in from a different company, all the email come up saying there was an error loading this item - some function...

Unable to get DC for domain

Hi All, Busy trying to configure Imap on our EV environment but I am constantly getting this error when I run the client access provisioning task; A fatal error occurred during provisioning. The task will be stopped. Error: Unable to get DC for ...

Rdosramos by Level 5
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Resolved! EV add-in not showing in Outlook

Hi all,  I have exactly the same problem. My user is activated, and I updated from Office 2013 to Office 2016. After updating the Outlook Plugin to the newest Version the TAB is still not showing.  What I tried so far: - Remove and install again ...

Resolved! EV Migration to virtual machines

Hi I have an aging physical EV server running EV11.0 on Windows 2008 R2. This server started it's life running everything on a single box including EV mailbox and journal archiving tasks and also SQL for the EV databases. As more users have now come...

CadenL by Moderator
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