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Collections Folder is Slow to Process Files

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We are running EV/Domiono 9.0.4 CFH 4 with Centera Storage.  Out of the blue so to speak, the collections folder (130Gb each) on 2 out of the 4 EV servers we have running, filled up and we ran out of diskspace.  We eventually got all the files backed up to Centera from these two server.  Since that time processing files out of the collection folder on these two servers takes a long time, we average 2Gb per hour. The two fast servers process twice as much data and files with no backup in the collection folder on these two servers.  We opened a case with Symantec and haven't been able to identify the problem.  We contacted EMC to check their connectivity etc, they didn't find any problems.  The connection test available on the Connection tab, of the vault store partition properties, shows no problems.  The collections folder is excluded from anti-virus.

Other things we have tried that didn't help:

   Moved the collection folder to a different drive.  

  Created a new archive

  Turning archive off on all but one of the slower servers, still 2Gb process per hour.

Any suggestions on what else to try or look at?

Thanks in advance!


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best thing to do is to get a DTrace of StorageFileWatch and then restart the storage service and see what you get after about 15 minutes, make sure that the registry settings under \Storage are the same, i.e. number of threads

Also look at the event viewer, making sure that File Watch threads aren't dying in the background, because by default there are 10 collection threads that process Centera Collections, if one of those threads die, it does not re-create until storage has been restarted

I take it EMC didn't find any nodes down, or any DBINIT's occuring?