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EV 11.0.1 Journal Archiving not working. No errors

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We are currently running EV 11 with Exchang 2013 CU 19. We are only using EV for journal archiving but as of a week ago it has stopped working. I am not getting anything in the Event Viewer logs, just that the task has started aganinst the journal mailbox. I have deleted the task, and the mailbox, cleared the entry out of the DB and rebuilt the Outlook profiles but same thing. Any help would be appreciated. 


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I would start with DTracing the Journal archiving task and see what is happening. I have seen an issue where it is perpetually addressing the fanned out parts and never picking them up. I have seen third party solutions change a date on messages that break this stuff too. The first thing to find out is if EV is doing what it is supposed to . For a tip, make sure you do not have the journal task to only report... #BeenBurnedBefore

Running the Dtrace now. I also confirmed that it is not running in report only mode. I'll take a look at the logs and post anything relevant. 


So I started the Dtrace and then started the sync and now its working. I will post another update if something comes up but otherwise it's good now. 

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**bleep** you observer effect... **bleep** you

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Did you ever resolve this? Do you have an open partition and site is not in backup mode?

Can you make sure that the EV storage queue locaiton is accessible to the VSA account? 

Make sure the archive task is not in report mode