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EV8 repairing outlook shortcuts after export and import of an archive

Level 5

I'm using EV 8 SP3 since this weekend.
But I guess my question is not sp3 specific.

I want to export an archive to a pst, rename the original archive and create a new archive for that user. And finally import the exported pst.
When I do that, the shortcuts in the mail client ( MS outlook 2003 in my case) aren't repaired.

I followed the article but when I do all the steps, no shortcuts are repaired.

As before with version 7.5 (2007) the shortcuts were automtically repaired. For that you had to delete the defaultVaultID in the ExchangeMailboxEntry table in the sql EnterpriseVaultDirectory database for the corresponding archive.
In the technote mentioned before there is no entry about deleting the defaultVaultID.

Can somebody tell me how I can get the shortcuts repaired (adjusted) in outlook?
I don't wont to recreate the shortcuts because then all duplicates are in the users mailbox.

Thanks for the help.



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Partner Accredited Certified
call in to support, i believe theres an open defect on that

Level 5
Thanks for the reply.

I'm in the process of resolving this problem with support.
I'll post the resolution.

If anyone has any suggestions please feel free.


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I'm preparing a similar move, have you found a solution to your problem yet?

Level 5
Hi NilsV,

I exported the archive and then imported the pst into a newly created archive in a different vault store.
Then the shortcuts are repaired automatically.

What also was suggested to me but I didn't apply was deleting the shortcuts in the mailbox. (shortcut deletion set to older then 1 days, sync the mailbox and start the archiving task - shortcut processing for this mailbox).
export the archive.
When importing the pst let shortcuts been created and do the shortcut deletion again for the mailbox (first adjust the shortcut deletion setting again and sync the mailbox).

Good luck.


Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
yup, so found that in EV8 SP3 it will ONLY repair the shortcuts if the Vault Store is different, so importing the pst in to a new vaul store will trigger the shortcuts to be updated. However one of the backliners thought that if we changed the VaultStoreEntryID in the CFG file to a different one, and then re-run it, it would work. it worked like a charm So if you are exporting from VaultStore1 and reimporting to VaultStore1, to have the shortcuts repair, you will want to open the CFG file that goes with the PST and find the VaultStoreEntryID line and give it a different ID. One thing i will say though, that when you have finished with updating the shortcuts through RestoreShortcutBody, remove the key or set it to 0, as when the Archive task does a full run, it will update every single shortcut and possibly crash your servers due to consuming all resources (currently happened to me last night)