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Enterprise Vault 9.0.2 Archive task not rescanning. Stops when A5 Queue is completed.

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Using Enterprise Vault 9.0.2. I have 2 archive tasks running against 2 Exchange 2010 servers (in a DAG). For the past couple of months, the archive task will only scan and build the A5 queue if I restart the task, before or while the task is scheduled. It completes what is in the A5 queue then it sits on zero until the task, or TAsk Controller service, is restarted again. It wont rescan. Manual archive is working fine.


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Interesting, so the A5 is the list of mailboxes that EV targets  in a normal scheduled Run

So you should be seeing activity in the A2 and A1

Stupid question but do your users have eligible items that Archive Policy can target? I would expect to see this if you don't . To confirm this run the Archive Task in Report mode just to see what should be archived

Also are there any errors in the EV Event Viewer?

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What is you Archive Strategy, is it Quote, Age, or both?

I have seen this with Quota based archiving, it will only do one pass. 

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Bruce, yes there are many eligible items. Report mode does show this. There are many errors in the event viewer, most will apparently be fixed with version 10 upgrade, which I am planning for. I do spend a lot of time sifting though them for clues but.

Tony, Archive stragegy is both age and quota based.