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Resolved! Evault add-in for Outlook 2010

Hi Folks, I just completed upgrade to Evault v9.0.3 and as a part of this upgrade we also pushed outlook addin to all the users via SCCM, 99% of the users are still on Outlook 2007 Sp3 and the decom addin works great. Some users (including me) use ou...

Resolved! Ev Archiving, TransVault and Google Mail

Hello,   Does anyone now if "TransVault" has tools available to ingest data from Google Mail solutions to an Enterprise Vault archive for discovery purposes? Any specific requirements if mail is in a Hosted Solution besides permissions granted by the...

Resolved! Move Exchange Server Task - New Enterprise vault Server

Hello Guys Today I added an additional Enterprise vault server in an Enterprise vault environment along with Exchange 2003/2010 & SQL 2008 R2 (already existing). I wish to move some Exchange server tasks to this new server. EV Services on ...

AKL by Level 6
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Resolved! Update retention category for users on EV 10

I dont recall if EV 10 has a new mechanism or not to proactively update a users already archived items to a different retention category. Or does it work the same way as EV 9, meaning the user must move the archived items that need to be updated with...

BigPhil by Level 5
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Resolved! Moving Exchange to a resource forest

Hi,   I want to thank, in advance, anyone who will bother to help on this issue.   The current situation is: 1. Exchange 2003 frontend - backend configuration 2. Enterprise Vault 8 (file and mail archiving)   We have plans to move upgrade Exchange 20...

ggeorgi by Level 5
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Resolved! Does EV9 to EV10 upgrade require recreating Index

Do I have to recreate my Index or can I simply point the new server to the current Index? I am running EV9 on a 32bit Windows 2003 server. I am installing EV10 on a 64bit Windows 2008 server.   thank you

Leo_ by Level 5
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Resolved! EV 10.1 Evaluation issues

Hello, we are a Symantec Customer for backup exec, we have recently been looking at vendors for archiving of files and emails. The first application we are evaluating is Symantec Enterprise Vault. After reading the Administrators guide and the instal...

ALiving by Level 3
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Resolved! EV9.0.3 64-bit

We are currently running EV 9.0.3 on Windows 2003 and I am looking at moving our main server to new hardware running Windows 2008 R2. Can you have one server running 64-bit, but other EV servers still running 32 bit if they are the same EV version?  

Fiona_K by Level 2
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Resolved! Working with Shared Archives

I am running Enterprise Vault V9.0 with Exchange 2007 Sp3 RU5. We are wanting to start using shared archives. I can create shared folders, but I not sur how to access. Also, if I have permissions to a shared archive can I archive to the share? If so,...

Resolved! EVConfiguration DB backup?

We just recently switched to using the Netbackup Enterprise Vault Agent and there is no directive to backup the EVConfiguration DB. Should that be a separate sql backup policy and does vault need to be in backup mode for that DB? -Thanks

Resolved! Unable to delete the last index location

Hi everyone! In a try to move the indexing role out of an EV 10.0.0 server, I installed a new EV 10.0.0 server with only indexing role, move indexes from old EV to the new one. Once all indexes have been moved, I tried to delete each of index locatio...

Ksimir by Level 4
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Resolved! No vault available... when trying to sync vault Cache

Hello,   After upgrading EV adin from 7.5SP6 to 8.0SP5 user are not able to sync their Vault Cache. Add-in says "No Vaults available. Contact your helpdesk"   This is driving me crazy !!! Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated !

ElGringo by Level 6
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Resolved! Archive Explorer error

I am having issue with my own EV archive. Recently I do some housekeeping on my own email and realize that my EV storage is over limit. I have 9000 items and it exceed the quota of 1500Mb. I normally do housekeeping using outlook. I moved some archiv...

yeow_km by Level 5
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Resolved! Upgrade EV 9.0.2 to 10 - Same Servers

Hello All There is so much information about migrating EV 9 to 10 on new servers using the migration wizard. Is it possible to rebuild the existing servers then install EV 10? If so is there an official guide? Is this recommended/supported by Symante...

Jun1or by Level 5
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Error with EV partitons after server recovery

Hi,   We have recovered one of our old servers to export a users data.   The SQL appears to have restored OK, we have the data partitions and we have installed a new server with the same name (its version 7.5)   After running the config and EV has re...

allanh1 by Level 3
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Resolved! Archive Explorer Hangs

I have a user whose Archive Explorer hangs when he clicks on a folder. He is the only one having this issue.   His logs says: 10/05/2012 12:24:48.741: Log file created (level 0). 10/05/2012 12:24:48.742: A COM error occurred: 0x80040205 10/05/2012 12...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Expiry and Retention Categories

I just assumed responsibility for our EV installation. I haven't been formally trained, but they are trying to get that approved. In the meantime, our legal dept wants to turn on deletion of files from the Vault for certain targets. Documentation see...