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Enterprise Vault-

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Dear Team, We are going to deploy Enterprise Vault servers for our below setup need your guidence We have two sites Mumbai and Pune Both sites are in same active directory domain Two netapp storage for each site -File servers One DFS jumphost has been configured for both location and located at Mumbai We want to configure Enterprise Vault for file system archiving on windows DFS with backand NAS NetApp We are planning to deploy two different SQL servers for each site Pune EV server will archive the file share configured on pune netapp storage and mumbai ev server will archive file share configured on mumbai netapp seperately We have following queries Can we have same EV vault directory databse for two different EV sites or we should go with two different vault directory databse? What are pros and cons Can we add single physical DFS jumphost as a target on two different EV servers? This is to distribute workload Can we add single file server with Multiple EV Servers? (either single directory or different directory database)

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Hi mbm1,


you want to have 2 sites when you want to logically seperate the offices.

Otherwise activate Archiving for specific paths and write to a nearby partition (activate dedup within Vault Store, not across all)

The EV databases are normally located only on one resource (or SQL Cluster), if you want to have it seperatly on two SQL Servers which are not in a cluster you might consider to create a site for it. Remember there are no connections between the EV servers in this case. They are seperate systems. You will have to maintain both.

Dont use mutliple EV servers for the same path this will most likely not turn out that good.

I did not try EV together with DFS so I cannot tell you alot about this.

I hope this helped