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Error When retrieving an item : An internal failure occurred.Internal Error: 'The parameter is incorrect. [0x57]'

Level 3
I am trying to retrieve an item using the ContentManagementAPI.

Like so :

        IItem          item    = null;
        EVDocumentData docData = null;
        try {
            item = m_ContentManagementApi.Item;
            // Select the specific document.
            item.Id = p_DocumentInfo.SavesetId;
            item.ArchiveId = p_ArchiveID;
            // Retrieve the archived document if needed.
            string contentFilePath = null;
            if (p_RetrieveContent) {
                // Setup a new temporary FileStream to keep the data until it is indexed.
                contentFilePath = p_CompleteFilePath;
                using (Stream content = new FileStream(p_CompleteFilePath, 
                    // Give the stream to the item, so it can fill it.
                    item.Content.Data = new COM.IStreamWrapper(content);
                    // Retrieve the content and properties.
                    try {
                        UInt32 detailLevel = 2; // This is EV_STF_API_INDEX_LEVEL.DETAIL_LEVEL_ITEM_CONTENT
                        item.Get(detailLevel); <--- Boum

An internal failure occurred.Internal Error: 'The parameter is incorrect.  [0x57]'

This occurs only when trying to retrieve messages with big attachments from an archived mailbox. I thought the issue was with the size, but I have retrieved successfully files bigger than 10megs, and I have had this error with messages with attachement around 5megs. I can retrieve the messages if I do not specify DETAIL_LEVEL_ITEM_CONTENT, but only properties for example. But I need the content.

I do not understand what could cause the issue, there doesn't seem to be any hint for this on this forum or the internet in general for this problem, and the error message does not hint toward anything.

Any help would be appreciated,

thank you


Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
probably should call the case in to the API queue

Level 3
I would be glad to do so, but I can't seem to find this API Queue on this site. Could you point me in the right direction, please?

thank you