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FSAUtility bulk data recall including -recurse to new location

Level 2

I am quite used to FSAUtility however I am struggling with a requirement.

I currently have EV10, a number of file servers all with archived data. I need to migrate out all the data form the FSA vault partitions for each file server to a new destination but leave the existing placeholders intact allowing for the clients to still access the archived data.

I have been testing this with the FSAUtility -t -s UNCPath -d UNCPath however the utility only migrate the files in the direct UNC path and does not include the sub folders or any files in the subfolders. It also does not create any subfolders on the destination.

Can I mix use the FSAUtility -b with the -t -s UNCPath -d UNCPath - recurse to achieve this at all therefore mixing the options? Or is there another simpler way?

If I use the -b option can I provide a different destination UNCPath? or can I just use the -t -s and -recurse together with the destination?

Any thoughts on this woudl be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Level 6

Hi dbeattie,

The FSAUtility -t command should alway process the target folder and all sub-folders when processing.  It will restore the data that exists in the archive and not migrate from the source file server as long as the command is being run as the vault service account (VSA) and that account has full access to the target.

Is it possible that there are duplicate archives containing the same path for the source?  If so, then FSAUtility will only work with the archive that was created first(version 10.0.4 and higher).   

The -b command will only recall files that exist in the path given so that would not work in your scenario.

You could backup and restore the data to the target and then remove the streams on the folders using streams.exe from sysinternals.  This will remove the hidden streams EV writes to the folders so that there are no archiving issues on the target. 

Using robocopy would not be useful as well as it will attempt to recall all of the placeholders before moving and has been seen to corrupt items on the target.