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Journal archive Time is not shown as expected with posted date

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I found one issue related to journal archive item on display time, which confused me and hope someone could help me to explain or resolve it.
According to document, EV archiving will use two properties "delivereddate" and "Posteddate" from message, if they are both could not find and EV will create a new date for display. if they are both existing, EV will get delivereddate property as the first choose, Posteddate property as the second choose when delivereddate could not find in properties.
I have a try in my testing envrionment and found the result is NOT consistent as above description:
Repro step of my testing:
1. Create one message in lotus notes 8.5 and record delivereddate and posteddate properties.

2. Stop the journal archiving task and check this message record in journal database. I found that it only has the posteddate property, not delivereddate, record the posteddate.

3. Archive the mailbox message and search it through browser, found they mailbox archive has the same time with delivereddate value, which is as expected. Since mailbox message has both delivereddate and postdate properties and EV use its delivereddate.

4. Start journaling archiving task and wait for the journal archived.
5. Search the journal archive from browser and record this display time. Since journal database only has the posteddate property, not delivereddate property, so EV should use posteddate property for journal archive.

I found journal archived time display is NOT consistent with posteddate property as expected, but earlier than both delivereddate and posteddate.