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Mailboxes outside the Domain

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Hello everyone,

My Provisioning Task says that my mailboxes are outside of the domain, and, I believe that this is the reason, they aren't added to Enterprise Vault, here is the Report

Managed Folder Summary:

    Managed Folders: 0
    Managed Folders added\Updated: 0
    Managed Folders deleted: 0

Provisioning Group Summary:

    Mailboxes added: 0
    Mailboxes updated: 0
    Mailboxes relinked: 0
    Mailboxes ignored because already processed: 0
    Provisioning targets that returned no mailboxes: 0
    Users without a mailbox: 0
    New mailboxes ignored because of existing entries in the Enterprise Vault database: 0
    Journal mailboxes found: 0
    Users with mailboxes outside the current domain: 14
    Users whose mailboxes were not synchronized: 0
    Errors: 0


But the Exchange Server where these mailboxes are is inside the domain! Can anyone help me ? Here is a PrintScreen, don't know if it will help.


Thanks in advance


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What sort of SMTP addresses do you users have ?

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set the provisioning task to generate a full report and not a brief report, may shed some light on it also might dtrace EVExchangePolicySyncTask and run provisioning again and see if that helps any it sounds like DOMAINA\UserA has their user having a mailbox in DOMAINB\UserA (like a resource domain, Associated External Account etc)

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I didn't understand your question


That is the full report, I'm testing in a small group at first.

What you mean with dtraceEVExchangePolicySyncTask ? There is a KB for it ?

We have only one domain here - What could be is something with the Exchange Servers, we have two Exchange Servers, and one of them just replicate the other one... I just added one of them to the Enterprise Vault...

Thanks for the replies

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Thanks, I found the problem.

When the mailboxes are in diferent servers, the enterprise vault is able to see them by AD organization, but can't import, and it says that they are in diferent domais, as you can see next:

EZTEC EV10 - 2.png

The arrays are diferent just in the server.

Now I believe that everything is ok. Thanks for the replies guys