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PST migration error

Level 4
Hi all...I'm new here, but need some help. I've searched the forum for a similar situation but havent able to find anything close.

Currently I am trying to manually migrate (with use of evmp) older/extracted .pst's and for some reason, while the majority of the time everything works fine, I get an error with 1 or 2 pst's (sometimes a bit more). The Event Viewer gives the following Error

Event Type:Error
Event Source:Enterprise Vault
Event Category:Migrator Server
Event ID:6593
Time:9:08:45 AM
Computer:KVSserver (this has been changed)
Abnormal error occurred

PST file: X:\work\user.pst
Archive Name: Full eMail Archives 1998-2002_0007
Vault Id: 1E59277B2ECBCE84BBCFB9E53D87C1E361110000KVSARC
Reference: PI/IS
0000: 43 61 74 61 73 74 72 6f Catastro
0008: 70 68 69 63 20 66 61 69 phic fai
0010: 6c 75 72 65 20 20 5b 30 lure

Which is then followed by

PST Migration Report

Migration status: Incomplete

Processing aborted due to an unrecoverable error.

PST file: X:\work\user.pst
Archive Name: Full eMail Archives 1998-2002
Vault Id: 162D65AE802BA4846AE1A840C07CAD3FB1110000KVSARC
RetentionCategory: Business

Number of folders processed: 16
Number of items archived: 0
Total size of items archived: 0 KB

Number of items unable to be archived: 0

Elapsed Migration Time: 0:1:21 (hours:minutes:seconds)

Which is followed by

Event Type:Warning
Event Source:Enterprise Vault
Event Category:Migrator Server
Event ID:6668
Time:9:18:50 AM
Computer:KVSserver (this has been changed)
Saveset sharing error occurred

Reason: Access is denied.
File: \\KVSserver\kvsemailrestore\FullArchiveVault\1999\04\16\16\100300000000000~199904161607240000~0.DVS
Reference: CVault/PIIS/CP

Please Help

Level 6
Partner Accredited
Do you have any limits on your Exchange mailbox that you are trying to migrate the pst into.
Try turning off the limits, wait some hours. (Turning off the limits does not seem to update immediately).

Run pst migration again.

Re-enable the limits afterward (if you must)!!

Level 4
Mark, no limits here...whats happening is that we're running a scripted pst lets say 100 pst's (of various size) migrated fine...and once in a while I get a "rouge" pst which gives me the errors mentioned...I'm inclined to believe its just that the pst is corupt?...i ran Scanpst, which said it found some errors and corrected them, although i cant imagine what they can be...I'm able to open the pst seems to be the Pre-O2k3 version...its only 46mb...I Have no idea...and this does happen to other psts from time to time...

Level 4
If any one is curious the reason i was getting that error, apperantly was not because the pst was corrupt, but rather possibly because it was having trouble with one specific message within the pst...which looks like it had a ton of attachments of previous emails (i guess the user tried to manually back up)...

however, Im wondering is there a limit of attachments an email must have to be archived? or is there a limit in the size of the email?

Level 6
Employee Certified
Did you raise a bug for this within support? Could you provide more details about this message and all it's attachments. There are Mapi limitations that could have been causing this issue but it would be useful to have an example that could be analyzed to identify the root cause. Unless you got a fix, or did you just remove the message from the PST?


Level 4
Basically I removed the message from the seems that the message was used to store previous basically the person which created this message dragged and dropped about 20-30 emails into one...the message was about 4mb...
Once I removed it, it Migrated fine...I have just spoken to Support, hopefully there will be a way to fix this problem without having to go into each pst and manually removing the message(s)...I'll post back once and if there is a solution.