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Scheduled archiving task doesn't archive

Level 4

I see that some mailboxes go not archive in accordance with item age based policy. If I run manul archive on mailbox then it archives older items as expected. Reports show that scheduled task completes and mailbox should of been archived, but it is not. I'm running EV v12.2.1. We do not use EV client on PCs, so no shortcuts. We remove archived messages from mailbox after archive and users use EV serach to access the archives.

Anyone has any idea what might cause this behavior?


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There can be numerous reasons for this, but your first look would be at the archiving report.

In your EV program folder, go to the Reports folder. You should see a folder like 'Mailbox reports' or something. In there, you have reports. Verify the report of the last few runs, and check if all mailboxes are processed correct.

It might be your schedule is too short, it might be you attempt to archive too much. Not having the client does not mean you don't have shortcuts :-), that is defined in your policies.

Are those mailboxes who are not archived always the same? Do they have many items to archive? do they have many items?


Regards. Gertjan