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Simplified Backup

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Currently backing up EV using a Backup Exec appliance - 3600.R2.

We are constantly running out of space.

The environment was setup by a VAR.

Have 3 Enterprise Vault servers, virtualized using VMware.

EV01 - Application

Windows Server 2K8 R2 - vCPU - 8 GB Memory - 2260 Used / 2780 Total GB disk

EVED01- EDiscovery

 Windows Server 2K8  - SQL Server 2005 SP3 32b2 vCPU - 4 GB Memory - 38 / 92 GB Total GB disk

PDB01 - Database 

Windows Server 2K8 32b - SQL Server 2005 SP3 32b- 2 vCPU - 8 GB Memory - 120 / 165 GB Total GB disk

Full backup is approximately - 2418 GB, expected to increase to 6TB before it settles.

Performance is bad, sometimes takes up to 48 hours to complete full backup.

We are a Veeam customer for all other virtual machines, but I am told that Veeam will not create a valid backup without numerous pre and post scripts.

I need to be able to consistently perform the fully:

Backup the 3 servers and copy the backups to our DR site (1Gbp/s ethernet between sites)

Maintain 14 days of retention.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.







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consider the following configurations:

- Enable collections on partitions. This will speed up backups

- Enable partition closing. You wont have to run full backups of all partitions so frequently. However you will have to extend your retentions.

- you probably use Backup Exec Enterprise Vault agent. What is surprising, that it is not so efficient for deduplication. Reconsider scripted solution to backup EV partitions like standard file systems and you ll probably reach better dedup ratios.


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I would second Michal.Mikulik's suggestion to close partions and open new ones.  Closed partitions do not need to be backedup nightly and you don't have to put EV in backup mode to back them up, as they are static.

Once your backups start creeping up to an unacceptable time-frame you can close the partitions and open new ones.

See the following:

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I believe the appliance is capped at 5.3TB. You can expand if you attach something via SAS but the appliance most likely will have issues with that. EOL is Jan 1, 2015. There are no updates and the last version to officially run on I believe is 2014.

But for now it should be fine. Under 3TB being backed up and deduped should give you room, unless there is a configuation issue or it's B2D not dedup.

What is the DR site, another Backup Exec appliance or server? Should scream through that WAN connection.