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Vault 2007sp4 and a dedicated Journal Mailbox server?

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Is having a dedicated journal mailbox server that houses only journal mailboxes for other mailbox servers a supported configuration when working with the Vault?  While I wasn't planning on having all mailbox servers dump to just one journal mailbox I am interested in having a one-to-one ratio on the dedicated MB server (if possible).  I have tried messing around with it in my lab and I can't see on how to add an Exchange server for journaling and mailbox archiving and being able to split the journal task to another mailbox on a test server.


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i just added the server without the tasks.  i then manually created the tasks targetting the journal mailbox on a different server.  will this work?

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This should work OK.  We do journaling by Exchange database and send all journal reports to a series of mailboxes on dedicated servers. 




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Yes, this is fine. In fact, I think this is "best practice" to host Journaling on a dedicated Server. Cheers Michel

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Hi Monkeyboy9000

It is definitely possible to have a dedicated server for journaling. Do it with my customers all the time.


Reason for having a dedicated server is mainly for performance reasons. Its also not a bad idea to have an EV server dedicated to journalngthis takes out Single Point of Failure from a EV point of view.

If your one EV server had to go down, the exchange journal mailbox will explode with email (depending on the rate at which you send and receive emails) which could bring down you exchange server. Now have dedicated server remove that single point of failure.



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I have implemented a dedicated Exchange journaling server.  Everything is configured and running fine except for one thing and I am not sure if it is a Vault or Outlook/Exchange thing.  I go into the mailbox every few days and notice the deleted items folder has "processed" meeting requests.  I don't want them to go into the deleted items folder.  Is there something special I have to configure in the Vault and/or Outlook/Exchange settings?


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Hi M

Do you want to archive calander items? If you dont yo might want to check your site settings and take off the calander items.