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Vault store partition keeps closing

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Hello Everyone,


One of my vault store partitions (network share), continues to close and I'm trying to figure out why. 

When it closes, it'll spit out Event ID 28982 in the logs:

Vault Store Partition 'FSA1' has been closed since there is not enough free disk space. 

Reason: There is not enough space on the disk.  (0x80070070) 

Vault Store Name: FSA1

Vault Store EntryID: 12802BA629FB21A44ADBAADB3F96338511210000varchive 

Reference: IIIV/SPS1 

I've already checked out the related Tech Note: which says it's not actual disk space, but Temp space. The partition itself has plenty of space, and I've already allocated additional Temp space.

- System variable temp location is on C:\ with 140GB free of 199GB

- User variable temp location is on D:\ with 89.6GB free of 99.9GB

This looks like it should be enough Temp space. (Is having the system variable and user variable temp in different drives an issue?)

What else should I be looking for? As when I reopen the partition, it'll close once again with the same Event ID saying there's not enough disk space.



Enterpris Vault

Windows 2008 R2


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This might be due to snapshots taken, something from VSS.

I believe in W2008, open Windows Explorer, rightclick the drive, properties, the Shadow Copies (or something). I believe you can also do same in CMD window, using VSSADMIN (use /? to get all commands)

There might be some snapshot taking up all spece.

Regards. Gertjan

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Forgot to mention, the storage location is a NetApp, so they wouldn't be using Volume Shadow Copies.

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Try running a wireshark and see whats going on