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Resolved! Indexing service does not start - Event ID 41293

Hello guys, unfortunately since the weekend our indexing service is not willing to come up. It is failing with event ID 41293. For sure there are a lot of possible solutions, but none of the troubleshooting digest seem to fit to our case. https:...

woelki by Level 4
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Closed Archive Question

When an archived is closed (which i have 7000 closed archives) do the items still expire out of the archives when expirey runs?  The reason i am asking is because a user / EV admin can't delete items out of closed archives, they get access is denied....

Minimum Delegated Rights to see other users archive

Hi, I want to have delegated access to someone elses mailbox so that I can see their archived email. My question is, what is the Minimum permssions that should be set from the other persons email so that I can see their Exchange email AND their Arch...

EV Search issue

Hi All, We are facing issue with the enterprise vault search. Kindly find the attached screenshot of the same. We are getting this issue frequently after 2-3 days, can anyone suggest the solution for the same.   Regards, Vipul

Vipul_Desai by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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owa - pop up when owa starts

Hi   A customer complains that whenever the bring up the owa page they get a pop up they claimed it started after ev install on cas servers.   I will say - once you dismiss the pop up all functions work correct and ev works fine   adding a scr...

Enterprise Vault Archiving performance via WAN

Hi All, Need clearity on below scenario. 1) 1 EV Site in Mumbai location. which has below servers. 1 EV server. 1 SQL Server  SAN Storage. need to add another EV server in Mumbai EV Site but location for Second EV server is Monaco. Local San S...

EV Client Reset for MAC book

Hi All,   We are facing issue while accessing archived mails which contains attachment in Mac book using outlook 2011. When we face similar issue in windows, we used to reset EV client on windows machine. In Macbook, how can we reset EV client an...

Vipul_Desai by Level 4
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Queue does not exist ?

Hi everyone, I have an issue with our Enterprise vault 11. It's a new deployment, with 2 Exchange 2013 servers. I wanted to activate the journaling on the server, i followed the User Guide to do it... and then : And i'm stuck... I'm logged usi...

Petraski by Not applicable
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Customize Integrated Search in Enterprise Vault 11

Hello,  are there any information about customizing integrated search in Enterprise Vault 11 besides  Has the functionality been removed to customize the integrated search due to the new ev search? In my EV10...

Marcde by Level 6
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Resolved! Verify index - volumes greyed out

Hi everyone, has anyone ever seen the following? I'm trying to verify some indexes and am confronted with the (see image) below.... I can browse the UNC paths The indexes are not in backup mode The indexes are not already locked in an indexing tas...

Move archive in different EV directory?

Hi, i have a EV 9.02 enviroment with 100 users and 400 GB data in Physical HW (this physical HW will be shutdown after this process) i have to migrate existing old EV environemnt to new virtual 2012 environment.I will install EV 11.01 latest versio...

K_G by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Query

Hi Team, Need solution for below Query. 1) In our environment we have 2 EV Site. Site A Mumbai & Site B Monaco. EV is configured for Exchange 2010 Dag. 200 Mailboxes are enabled on both EV Sites. Mumbai & Monaco. There 10 Shared Mailboxes 5 in ...

Resolved! FSAutility -t Bulk Recall issues

I am attempting to recall placeholders from one server to another using FSAutility –t –s \\myserver1\folder -d \\myserver2\folder. I know there are over 900k placeholders on the source but it only recalls 300k.  As I’m not specifying and file types ...

yobole by Level 6
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Resolved! Latest Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In Download

Hi! This may not be the right place for this question, but where can I download the latest version of the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In? We have licensing, etc., but I've searched all over the site with no luck. Also tried calling Symantec custome...

cbsmthi by Level 2
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