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Resolved! Old archives with no index and no provisioned

Hi All, there is another thing would be nice to resolve. I've found around 1200 old archives, with no indexes, no longer being provisioned. The only thing I can do with them is export to pst.  Is there any other way to index them and make availabl...

Resolved! Best Practice for Exchange 2010 journal mailboxes

Hi Guys, Trying to understand what the best practice is for Exch. 2010 journal mailboxes. Customer has 4 Exch. 2010 DAG-ed servers (Exch.1, 2, 3, 4) and 4 journal mailboxes.  They are doing journaling ONLY.  No mailbox archiving. They have put all...

Fremont by Level 5
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Resolved! Wrong entries in ExchangeMailboxEntry table

Hi All, I'm in the middle of the tidying up the some old Vault database after AD renaming, few Vault and Exchange upgrades and recently found around 1000 entries of no existing mailboxes in AD, but set flagged as follows: MbxArchivingStateMbxExchan...

Resolved! Run EVPM from a non-EV Server

Hi All, Has anyone managed to get EVPM to run from a non-EV Server? I'm using EV 10.0.4 CHF3.  But have also tried in a lab environment with 11.0.1. When I run EVPM, for example, to Disable a Mailbox from archiving, I get the following back: Creat...

Resolved! Best Practice for replicating EV drives for USL DR

The scenario is 2 clustered EV servers, EV1 cluster in PROD site, EV2 cluster in DR site. For failover, customer is replicating index and storage locations. Question: Do they also need to replicate the following locations from EV1 to EV2? - msmq ...

Fremont by Level 5
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault SQL command to see usage for an archive?

We have our EV servers that are pointing to SQL servers for the database.  When I want to see how much space a certain user is using in EV, I go to the EV server they're provisioned on and opened a web browser and browse to http://localhost/enterpris...

Resolved! Unable to Zap mailbox - ev 11/exch 2013cu9

Greenfield Exchange 2013 CU9 with EV 11.0.1, only 3 test mbx exist so no special configuration. Everything works fine except that one of the test mailboxes refused to accept any changes to the policy. Tried to ZAP it but running into an issue below. ...

val_0 by Level 2
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Resolved! Importation of PST

Hello,   I am wondering if you guys could help me or point me in the right direction of "how to"     Im currently extracting our companyarchive from EV.Cloud using Discovery Archive. As i am extracting these files into PST file format. As i am ...

nwalsh by Level 4
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Enterprise Vault Archiving in the cloud

I just wanted to get a quick idea of other people's experience of using cloud based storage for EV.   We currently have EV10.0.4 CHF3 and approximate 7TB of archive storage (we don't delete anything - ever) The amount of space on the SAN is gettin...

RunAs by Level 2
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Resolved! Unable to zap mailbox - Exchange 2013/EV11.0.1

Brand new installaton of EV and Exchange, policy changes are not being applied to the MBX so decided to zap it. Received the following error in cmd window when running EVPM Error (0x80070057) creating privileged MAPI session against Exchange Server "...

val_0 by Level 2
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Resolved! Automate export to PST EV 10.5 - Command Line

I have a business requirement to export terminated employee mail data from Enterprise Vault PST. This is not going to change, it's an absolute requirement. We have all other offboarding tasks automated, running from a single script (Homedrive, AD, li...

btrowdy by Level 3
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DTrace documentation

Hi all, Is there any DTrace documentation that help me throubleshooting logs better ? I want to dig deeper what can be suspicious, what is definitely wrong ,but I am unable to find any documentation. Any replies would be highly appreciated. 

jdsbate by Not applicable
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Resolved! Help Required for Enterprise Vault 11 Mobile Search

Help Required for Enterprise Vault 11 Mobile Search We need to install & Configure Mobile Search for Users. Enterprise Vault version 11.0.1 Query 1) Is Mobile Search component still present in EV 11   2) Where can i find the Binaries( Setup fil...

Resolved! How to set ownership of Archive

We have an employee who left the company and now has come back. Her archive is still in EV even though her original mailbox AD account were deleted. How do we assign her ownship to the original archive. 

Resolved! EV Client on Win10

When looking at the compatability chart dated July 24th I don't see Windows 10 listed.  So, is Windows 10 supported, and if not officially, has anyone tested it yet using the latest EV client (11.0.1)? 

WiTSend by Level 6
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Enterprise Vault Virtual Vault empty

I have setup a new Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 server with Exchange 2013 archiving for a proof of concept. The mailbox policy is set to delete the original after archiving and not create a shortcut. Using a Windows 8.1 client with Outlook 2013 and the 1...

Resolved! EV 11 upgrade and temp files growth

We are now upgrading our EV servers to 11.0.1.  After upgrade, temp  files are growing huge every day (40-50 GB) especially on one of the server. Due to the lack of free disk space, EV services will shutdown when it happens. Are there any changes wi...

RG009 by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault report for item age.

Hi Everyone There are many canned Data Analysis reports on space Usage, Storage, and vaults but I need reports on archived item age and count. We have Expiry turned off and want to turn it on. We would like to get a general idea/count of vaulted E...