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Resolved! Why do I see Exchange mailbox archives accounter?

Hi there I am a beginner to learn EV so question is a simple to you but it will realy help me. :)   I installed EV environments in the test lab EV: evandSQL(EV11.0.1 Ver., MS SQL 2014 SP1)Exchange: evadexchange(Exchange 2013)AD domain : lab.local...

Jake_kang by Level 4
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(File Missing: C:\..\x86\vc_red.msi ) in EV10.0

hey guys, i have this environment - MS Server 2012 R2 (x64) - SQL Server 2008  - Enterprise Vault 10.0 - Exchange Server 2013   i hope someone can help me. When i begin to install EV10.0, it shows this error "File missing: c:\..\x86\vc_red.msi...

enterprise vault owa plugin

Hi, I am looking for information on things I might be doing wrong or may just not be supported when it comes to the owa plugin for EV. Some info on the environment is as follows: exchange 2010 sp3 windows server 2012r2 ev 10.3 I didn't orignally...

Resolved! EV 11 and SQL server with AlwaysOn

Hi guys, Just a quick question. I am not a SQL guru at all and I only touch this piece of software when working with EV. In the recent deployment I was asked if EV can have its databases in SQL instance that is enabled for "AlwaysOn" Availability wh...

Mouse by Moderator
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Resolved! How to Merge two Journal Vault Stores

There are two EV servers in the same company and both have just Journaling. We want old Journal disk to merge to new Journal disk or add as a second disk and remove old EV server completely. First, there was one A_EV server (with Exchange 2010) and ...

hbozan by Level 4
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Resolved! EV11 Storage Queue

Hi, Just upgraded to EV11.0.1 hotfix 2 (Windows 2008 R2) and I'm seeing the below events. I have the Safety Copy setting as "No, remove immediately after archive" and my monitoring showed the Queue Total Length and Queue Pending Length at around 50...

Elio_C by Level 6
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Enterprise Vault: Export Back to Outlook 2010 issue

Hi all, Currently preparing for an Office 365 cutover by unarchiving all emails and exporting them back to their mailboxes (disabled users as well). I have an issue where when attempting to export archives back to outlook 2010 I cannot see the dest...

Newti by Level 2
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Resolved! EV 11 Upgrade Failed on VaultStoreDB Duplicate Key

Hello,    We have an error duing upgrade process of the VaultStore DB (ID 41533), after checking the script manually, it seems we have duplicate key in the DB   The current compatibility level is 100. Msg 1505, Level 16, State 1, Line 4 The CRE...

Josserand by Level 4
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Eventid 2850 and 3419

Hi  I am running   EV 11.0.1 CHF3 on Windows Server 2012 Exchange 2013 I keep getting Events 2850 and 3419 when trying to run a archiving job Event 2850 Whilst post processing a message an error occurred in CArchivingAgent::PostProcessArchived...

JesperBerth by Level 5
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Migrate EV Archived Data to new Storage on different DC

Dear all, What would be the best way to migrate Enterprise Vault to a new infrastracture? The main part I am concern is how to move 20 TB of archived data from the actual Storage to a new one in another datacenter. We have NBU 7.6 with only FS agent...

gabrever by Level 3
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Evault 10 Indexing space increasing issue

we are having Enterprise vault 10.0.3 on windows2008R2 Sp1 our indexing location volume size is increasing drasticaly. As of now having 4TB archival data and indexing volume size is 950 GB  

Jomy by Level 5
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Resolved! Connect exchange mailbox to existing archive

Hi, we moved an archive from a centera to an netapp storage. After the GUI based moved the centera archive was closed. In both archives we have the same amount of items.   Now we have the problem, that the exchange mailbox is still matched to the...

Resolved! exchangembxtype values and meaning

Hi, I am looking to query the ExchangeMailboxEntry Table in SQL and subsequently make a couple of changes as well. While we are not using EV Reports in this environment, I need to depend on direct interaction with SQL. I understand the risks I wou...

Resolved! upgrade EV from to 11

hello   I am currently running EV version on windows 2008 r2, with SQL2005. (I have 3 EV Servers, one for Exchange, one for FSA and the other for SQL)   I wish to upgrade to EV11 on windows 2012 datacenter running SQL2014 express   ...

EV11.0.1 CHF3 - available

Ladies and gentlemen, CHF3 for EV11.0.1 has been posted today. See The main fix for us is the fix for error "You do not have access to any archive", and the SCOM database growth issue. Th...

GertjanA by Moderator
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EV integration with HP Trim

Hello there, We have users who have been dragging and dropping shortcuts in their mailboxes from HP Trim via a 3rd party application that has been designed for this sole purpose, and they are unable to open those shortcuts unless we grant the user p...