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move email folder location

Hi,As we have a user that there is over 300000 archive email in folder and it rearch Microsoft Outlook limitation. we know that web search can move email but it may need lot of time to do it.May i know can we move a time period emails (eg: 1/1/2019-1...

Y1251 by Level 4
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check number of emails in archive folder

Hi, May i know is any mothed to check number of emails in a archive folder in user ev strucutre backend?output:Ryan-archive          |_Folder1 (number of emails 200)          |_Folder2 (number of emails 300)          |_Folder3 (number of emails 250)T...

Y1251 by Level 4
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Resolved! Which user is accessing Enterprise Vault

Hi Experts,Need your kind help in understanding, how many users are accessing/trying to access their Enterprise Vault mailbox and Public Folder Data via outlook.?Is there a report that gets generated for it? Regards,Chris

Time Gap in Journal Archive Search Results

Hey All,When searching the Journal Archive, there is a gap in results between 9/18/2019 and 4/13/2020. If I do a search for an email that is received daily, I can see the gap in the archive. If you were faced with this issue, how would you start trou...

Resolved! IMAP Server not running

After moving the Vaultstores path and starting services the event viewer logged the event:The Enterprise Vault IMAP Storage process could not be started due to the following error:IMAP Server not runningCheck the privileges on the account that launch...

Resolved! DA client error - Access to the temp directory

Hi All,I have recently upgraded a DA Client from 11.0.0 to 11.0.1. The customer is in the process of upgrading to EV 12 eventually. The upgrade of DA Server went fine. The only issue is that whenever DA client is opened or closed an error message app...

Resolved! Delete Subfolder From FSA Archive

Hello,We are archiving Windows File Server from Volume level. Like D$, H$ and subfolders.Archive Points created on VAC like D$, H$..We want to delete one subfolder under this volumes. For example "H$\User\Vaultlearner\Documents\Excel". We want to del...

vaultlearner by Level 4
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Resolved! Using the PST Export Wizard

I'm working with an old 9.0.2 version of enterprise vault and am attempting to export all the pst files from archive. In the user manual it says on the left hand pane to right click archive, and click export. When I do this, there is no option for th...

dcbone by Level 3
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Resolved! space needed to perform index upgrade

Hi All,I am in the process of upgrading 32 bit index for a customer. I would like to know if the size of the converted index (64 bit) will be same as the original 32 bit index. This is to get an idea of the amount of free space needed at the open ind...

Resolved! index upgrade from 32bit to 64bit

Hi All,I have a customer running EV 11 and currently in the process of planning upgrade to EV 12. There are still some 32bit indexes that are yet to complete conversion to 64bit due to large number of 32bit indexes. Can the index upgrade (32 to 64) b...

EV12 - read-only role

HEllo all, Due to the new Role Based admin usage, you can no longer create a custom role easy. Before I go off and make attempts, did anyone create a read-only role already perhaps? Could you share what you did? I believe I will need to follow THIS K...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Enterprise Vault 12.5 Trial

Hi everybody,How can I get trial copy of Enterprise Vault 12.5? Its for self-paced training and learning.Other products are available but this.Best regards.

Resolved! Storage Expiry Centera - Base on Modified or Archived Date?

Hello all, We've enabled Storage Expiry finally.. Most items are on a Centera. The first run shows little to no expiry. I found an forum posting where someone advises that if Centera is used, expiry needs to be based on Archived Date, not Modified Da...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Exchange 2016 Office Mail APP

Hi All,I need Help to understand the following issue:If I open the Exchange 2016 OWA with the following URL:, I can use the Enterprise Vault Office Mail app perfectly But if I open with the

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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