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Resolved! File System Archiving with EMC Isilon as a target

Hello,   I found the following post and it indicates that placeholders are not supported on an Isilon.  That is fine and dandy as we only want to target the Isilon as an FSA target.  Unfortunately, the post does indicate how to go about adding the ...

AWMorris by Level 4
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Resolved! Archive Compression $ DeDupe

I need a little help on archive compression.  I have read that all data is compressed as it is stored in the archives.   I have also read that .CAB files are not compressed and .DVS files are not compressed.   I am thinking that data moved to CAB fil...

Resolved! EV 10 Problem

Hello to all,   I have major problem with my Enterprise Vault 10, or to be more precise, with backup of my enterprise vault. We backup our Enterprise vault with HP data protector; SQL and file system, and with version 6 until now. With that versi...

Sox by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 11 - Backing up Storage Queue Location

Hi Guys, Something I'm confused about is with Enterprise Vault 11 and the new Storage Queue Location - if we chose to use the Storage Queue Location for safety copies, these files need backing up, correct? If this is the case, how does Enterpri...

ChayDouglas by Level 4
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OWA cannot open EV archived attachment

Dear all We have a problem on the OWA cannot open the EV archived attachment. The error meaage is:  "The archived item is currently unavailable" When click the error meaage, it will redirect to http 403 error page. We tried to reinstall the OWA e...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault for Mac

Hi There I have the Mxxx serial number for enterprise vault but when looking for the plugin for Office 2011 for Mac on fileconnect site, i cannot find it.  Is there a direct link for it or is it within the 900MB download?   Thanks

Corrie by Level 2
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Resolved! Archive Roll over

Hi, Is this a good idea to create new archive and roll over to new archive quarterly or once in every six months instead of having a large archive?Does symantec recommends this? What are the benifits interms of performnace improvement in EV,CA and D...

Resolved! IMAP Archiving for Internet mail archives

Hello, In the new features section for EV11 it states: "Enterprise Vault 11 introduces innovative new technology that expands the archiving platform to support end-user archiving for other email platforms such as Google Mail, Office 365". Does this ...

rnt123 by Level 5
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Resolved! EV Outlook add-in error

Hi,   I have encountered an EV Outlook add-in issue that I haven't sen before.   The Installation is EV, Outlook add-in and Exchange 2010.   For one of the pilot users an error pop up appears when opening an archived item withi...

adfleming by Level 2
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Resolved! domain migration

hi   i am potentially migrating EV (journal) off servers in a 2003 OS domain over to a 2008 OS domain. I am aware of the EV doc to move EV servers to another domain. I was wondering if anyone knew of any potential issues when doing this or if anyth...

GTK by Level 6
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Resolved! Question regarding CPU upgrade in SQL database servers

We are advised by Symantec to upgrade our SQL servers to 8 CPU as a part of resolving perormance issue. But, when we raised tickets to our internal server team for the same, they cautioned us that "With the increased number of the CPU’s the wait time...

Resolved! Moving Archives from EV 9 to EV 11

Hey all, I have a EV 9 site with many archives. I setup new EV 11 site&directory. When I try to move arcive from ev9 to ev 11, it says " you can move archive from ev 10 to 11" Is there a native way or a patch to move archive from ev 9 to 11 ? Rega...

Baris_A by Level 4
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Resolved! First Search Connexion is very slow

Hello,   When a user trry to connect to the EV search interface is very slow. If the user reused this search  interface, the connexion is fast.   I tried without success  to disable  the "Recycle worker processs in minutes in the "EnterpriseVault...

Resolved! EV-11 backups fail with Netbackup

Hello, We upgraded from EV 10.0.1 to 11 (in test). We are running Exchange 2010 SP2. EV is a standalone install. We are also using Symantec's Netbackup to backup EV. After EV upgrade to version 11, backups are failing; noticed following in bpresol...

Resolved! Upgrading Enterprise Vault

I am preparing to migrate from EV to 1.0.4. It is my understanding that the lowest version of EV that the migration wizard will work with is 9.0.1. How do I get to 9.0.1 from 9.0.0? Is it a service pack that I need to install?

Resolved! "White Space" after EV archive deletion

Enterprise Vault Server 8.5...   We're deleting all old Exchange email accounts which would allow us to delete about 2TB of EV data, My question is would this space be seen as immediately available or would it be seen as "white space" and need a pr...