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Resolved! EV 10.0 and Exchange 2010 Migration to Office 365

I have a customer on EV 10 for Exchange and they have the need to migrate off the on-premise exchange 2010 and EV 10 environment. They have chosen to go to Office 365 / Exchange Online w/ archival licensing. Can I please get some recommendations on m...

Resolved! Advanced Indexing and Search for SEV9 on Outlook 2010

Currently using Exchange 2010, SEV9, on Win7 and Outlook2010.  The Search function on Archive Explorer and Outlook2010 plug-in doesn't suit the business needs.  Aside from X1 (, are there any other products which can index items on...

Resolved! EV Migration wizard and windows 2012 server...

As I understand EV 10.4 can be installed on a 2012 server if you do not archive from domino. I do not realy know if EV support 2012 R2 yet.   I´m going to do a migration from 2008 R2,EV9-->2012,EV 10.4. And I loved the migration tool last time i used...

Magnus_SE by Level 4
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Resolved! Restore archived mail / api

Hi there, I have a similar problem as mentioned in this thread: I want to unarchive an email from outside the enterprise vault http-only addin - in my custom outlook ...

Resolved! EV Journailing Stopped after Migration

At the weekend we did a migration from EV9 to EV10.0.4 and used the migration wizard to do it. After the inital migration did some checks for searching and retrieval and everything looked good. So ran the backup's to make sure everything is good and ...

Resolved! EV EMA and Sizing spreadsheet question

Hi I've recieved some figures from the EMA tool (I'm using version 3) and pluged these into the sizing tool. Generally very impressed with the whole tool etc but there is one question I'd like to clarify a bit. So on the tool, and it appear on most t...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! Indexing

What is Indexinng ? How it works & what is the location for indexing.  

Resolved! embedded images in shortcuts for Exchange archiving

Hi I'm intrerested to know if it's possible to maintain embedded images within a shortcut? I may decide against this in production but am trying to test the result of setting the shortcut to use the 'message body' and achiving an html item with an em...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! Generate test email or data for EV 10 test lab ?

Hi All, I have deployed Exchange Server 2013 in my test lab, but the problem is that the email test data is something that I need to generate, how can I generate the test email so that I can test and learn how EV interact with the Exchange server ?  ...

Resolved! EV10 - VAC Indexing - credential prompt

Hello all, When logged in to the EV-server, using an account that is Power Admin and Indexing Administrator in the Authorization Manager. In the VAC, click on Indexing. I get a logon prompt. When entering that account information, I get the Indexing ...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! FSA Utility "Number of files queued for restore"

Hi All,   I am currently nearing the end of a export from Enterprise Vault from the FSA side.   I have been using fsautility -t with a separate destination.   The question I have is: Is there any reason why the numbers "Number of files queued for res...

ChayDouglas by Level 4
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Resolved! How to limit access to archived files

Hi Guys, We are a potential customer who is looking for FSA functionality which will allow us to control access to files which have been archived to the vault. We want users to be able to see the stubs / shortcuts, but not be able to recall files. Th...

Guppie by Not applicable
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Resolved! Can I use the Outlook preview pane with Enterprise Vault

Hello, We just started using Symantec Enterprise Vault. and I have 2 questions.   1) In Outlook, the meails that have the archive symbol are not visible in the preview pane.  Is there a way to change this so I can see the body of the email in the pre...

mberan3 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Best way to get off the Vault

I am looking into getting our uses off the Vault system and looking for the best solution. I have many corruption in the database and the export to original mailbox is not working for 90% of the users because of bad or corrupted CAB files which were ...

saeid_A by Level 2
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Resolved! EV 10.0.4R1 or Cumlative hotfix

We are getting ready to migrate from ev9 to ev10.0.4  And noticed there is a new 10.0.4R1 for download under licenses as well as a support cummlative hotfix. is the hotfix rolled up into R1    

Resolved! Is it possible to restore archived task items?

Hi, When an ipm.task item is archived it strips away the attachments. What happens or is supposed to happen if I want to restore to outlook this archived ipm.task item that had attachments but are now shown only as links in the task? It appears to me...

Sani_B by Level 6
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