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Resolved! Enterprise Vault backup to tape strategy ?

Hi Folks, Can someone give me input to suggest what is the best method or timing for the Backup strategy. As at the moment the current 3rd party backup application called HP Data Protector capturing the following items: Open VaultStore Partition (1.2...

Resolved! How Expand Preview of email on web search

Hello,   I need to know if is possible to expand the email preview on EV Web Search.   Acctualy we just have the following informations when perform the search: Subject; Sender; Date and Time; Folder and Retention Category.   It's possible t...

Outlook 2013 Add-in not loading

I upgraded to version for EV and have installed the new outlook add-in for outlook 2013. Everytime it tries to load in outlook it gets a runtime error. I am on Exchange 2010.   Any thoughts on how I can get this to work?   Thanks    

EV Clients Keep Losing connection to the EV server

For some reason whenever a client reboots his EV server the clients loose connection to the server. I have to go in and set the EV Service Account password under site properties and reboot the EV server again to get everything working. What I don't u...

Baron164 by Level 6
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Resolved! Exchange 2013 retention...

We are planning our migration to Exchange 2013 and a red flag came up that we are trying to work through. We currently use Managed Folder Policies to set retention in EV, we have three buckets and users place email in them based on the number of year...

Resolved! Why EV is not archiving my Outlook email yet ?

Can anyone here please assist me in troubleshooting my EV 9 archiving my Exchange Server 2007 SP3 mailbox ? I can see that after I add new 1 TB LUN the drive is getting filled with some data but somehow the outlook email since last year is not archiv...

Resolved! EV6 restore and Indexes question

Hello all, We've migrated our EV6 to EV9, after we were sure that we finished this long migration, I have deleted all EV6 server LUNs from the storage to reclaim space. After a few months we have discovered that few archives were not migrated  and we...

orik by Level 3
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Resolved! Moving placeholders server2012

We had loads issue in the past doing a server refresh and using FSAUtility . WE then ended up doing an NTbackup on the windows 2003 servers and using NTRestore on the windows 2008 which worked a treat .. However NTRestor not supported on Server 2012 ...

yobole by Level 6
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Resolved! EV 10.0 Not Archiving Calendar Items

I've got a bunch of mailboxes that I want to fully archive. I've set the policy archive the lot and I've found that some of the mailboxes still have calendar items in them. I can't figure out why they aren't archiving. Looking at a trace on the serve...

bnerc by Level 2
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Resolved! EV OWA Extension Failed to get hidden settings: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

EV v10 OWA Extension is installed on two Exchange 2007 sp3 servers with  both mailbox and CAS role in a resource forest. However, when we try to login to the OWA on a server (OWAExchange) to access the mailbox ( on the other ...

LEOL by Not applicable
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Resolved! Account 'Account Unknown (\S-1-5-21-1659002389-285589729-180165624-3268)' cannot be removed as it has 'Automatically set' permissions associated with it.

Hi People,   Is there any reason why I cannot delete the old state user SID from the Permission tab in my individual vault ? when I tried to right click, I got the following: --------------------------- Enterprise Vault --------------------------- Ac...

Resolved! Exchange 2013 with CU3

Hello, I have a customer that decide to upgrade from exchange 2007 to exchange 2013 cu3. In compatability guide it`s not supported yet. maybe someone have  experience  with CU3 and enterprise vault  10 sp3 or sp4 ? is it working ? Ronen    

Resolved! Error with Event ID 4689 on EV server

Hello, Recently our EV server throwing out this error mainly during archiving run and backup time and sometimes it results rebooting the server to resolving the issue. It appears to be more Windows issue than vault but it's complaining about not havi...

EVRocks by Level 5
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Resolved! Domino server mails not opening in the event of failover

Hi all,   We are using Domino server 9.0 and EV 10.0.4 mailbox and journal archiving   We have added one of our primary domino server in the EV target container and everything is working fine.   But whenever our domino server has failover to DR Domin...

mayu by Level 4
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Archive Explorer options greyed out

Archive Explorer options Save As, Reply, Reply to All and Forward are all greyed out on multiple clients.  We've fixed this one at a time by changing Settings, "Microsoft Outlook" to "Web browser" and back.  But this manual fix will not be practical ...

Grover by Level 2
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Resolved! Items in pending State

Dear's, I have moved few archives from EV Site A (EV 9) to Site B (EV 10), move operation successfully completed but after verifying on few user machines I found some emails with archive pending state. What is the reason behind it and how can I resol...