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Backupexec 2012 with enetrprise vault 10

Hello, Is it possible to restore Open\close partition to redirect  server with Backupexec 2012 without install Enterprise vault Server in a new Server ? I have a problem ro restore partition to redirect server , its restore only 100Giga and after tha...

Resolved! Dynamic disk support and how to..?

Hi all, We're performing a storage migration from an old SAN to something rather newer. This is the procedure we're going to do: 1) Add a new disk(s) from the new SAN equal in size to the current disk(s). 2) Make all appropriate disks Dynamic: Vault ...

rasobey by Level 5
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Resolved! EV 8 - archiving check

Hi all, I use Enterprise Vault 8 for Exchange. I sometimes find some mailboxes that are not archiving. I would like to know if there's a way to check whether all mailboxes are archiving. Regards Alberto

Sync generates event 3196 and 3420

Hi. I have a EV 9.0 environment where we are implementing a leavers policy. Part of this process is to hide the leaving user from the GAL and to add the user to a different provisioning group in order to empty the mailbox on all archivable items. Thi...

Tobbe_S by Level 3
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Resolved! Outlook upgrade on server

Currently running EV 9.0 SP1 on a 2008 R2 Server with Outlook 2003 installed. Exchange is 2007 SP3 RU10. Are there any reasons for/against upgrading Outlook to 2007 ?

Paul_E by Level 5
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Resolved! Enteprise Vault and HP TRIM

Hi there, We have a client that uses HP TRIM for document management, and here's what we are experiencing. We have isolated the problem to the TRIM add-in. And yes, I know this is an enterprise vault forum, but these issues arise from the use of both...

AndresMunoz by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Limit number of restores from outlook

Hi, Is there a way to limit the number of restores from within outlook? and if there's one, what would be impact to other processess, such as export to PST, Move Archive, etc What is driving this is the client wants to enblable restore from vault but...

AndresMunoz by Level 5
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Resolved! Any way to apply this mailbox policy?

Hi, I am running EV9.02 and Exchange 2010 SP2. Our current Exchange policy is to only archiving items with attachments if they are older than 180 days. We save a trememdous amount of space with little user impact, but item count is becoming an issue....

citizen by Level 4
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Resolved! Query EV/DA/CA Databases for Custom Information

EV/DA/CA 10.0.3 installed. My customer's security team is looking for a way to write custom SQL queries to the Enterprise Vault databases. Specifically, they want to produce their own custom reports via their own facilities in order to audit the User...

Resolved! Is it possible to share vaulted folders?

We are using enterprise vault to archive our email messages. We have a situation that one of the managers was assigned to a different project until the spring of 2014. The manager wants to share a couple of her vaulted personal folders with the perso...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Size Limits

I have Vault version 11 installed. I am curious what limits there are for how much mail can be archived in the Vault. We have users with 50GB+ mailboxes. I would like to direct those users mail to the vault but I am not sure what limits there are if ...

Resolved! User can't see attachment in Outlook 2013

Hello all, I have an user that he can't see the attachment of archived items. The icon shows up on the list, but when he open the message there is nothing but the text. In VAC I was able to find the email and the attachment, and even open it. Only th...

r3v0ke by Level 4
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Resolved! EV IIS Bindings

Dear's, I have 2 different EV sites and I have been going through IIS setting on EV server and found that in Default Web Site under Bindings I have the below also included net.tcp net.pipe net.msmq msmq.formatname Whereas on the other EV sites in IIS...

Resolved! How To have a How To vetted for accuracy

After an extensive EV File System Archiving deployment I had quite a few issues, questions and uncertainties around managing the archived files systems after the EV deployment. Users copying, deleting, moving files and stubs. Admins moving whole fold...

Trafford by Level 4
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Resolved! Can archived items be modified?

 Hi there, I know the answer is No. I’m trying to find ANY document that says that items archived in Enterprise Vault cannot be modified. (I know they can be deleted and restored). A customer is requesting written confirmation from Symantec that this...

AndresMunoz by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Robocopy stubs without inflating them

Hi all I'm trying copy a large amount of file data. A good amount of these files are archived using Enterprise Vault and I wish to keep the files archived at the target location, and also at the source location (i.e. just copy the stubs over). I'm cu...

Resolved! Export archive to another forest

Greetings Guys, I've 2 forest A & B I'm tryingh to export the EV PST from Forest A to a map network drive which is in forest B. It fails with the following error "Reason: Unspecified error encountered during export operation. Please check the event l...

Resolved! Change preselected vault in browser search

Hi folks, when clicks "search archive" in the EV-Outlook Add-In there is a dropdown list of vaults to search in. This list is ordered by alphabet. The first of this order is preselected for search. Is there any way to get EV to preselect the vault of...

STHN by Level 5
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