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Resolved! Use EVPM to archive 1 folder to a different archive

Hello all, Is it possible to use EVPM to archive 1 folder that will exist in all user-mailboxes, and specify a different destination archive? Example: Folder called: Conversation All content archived immediately, no shortcut, put in an archive called...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Delete button in search.asp

Hello, I have a relatively simple question. I should remove the "delete from Vault " button from the search.asp web site  accessed via a web browser. I have the ISDeleteButton=0 in webapp.ini but this works for integrated search in outlook or archive...

Resolved! About EV support Output

Dear Experts, Please let me know if there is tool which can help me in displaying the EV support output file in readable format. The support file created is like Regards,

Resolved! URGENT: Move Indexes (EV7.5)

Guys, Have an index volume I:\ with 8 index folders (Index01 - Index08). This volume is near capacity with no ability to be extended.   I was under the impression that I could create another volume (J:\) and then move the indexes. I was not trying to...

ratty by Level 3
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Resolved! Virtual Vault doesn't appear until I run ResetEVClient.exe

Hello I have a situation where the vault directory (virtual vault) doesn't appear in Outlook (2010) until we run ResetEVClient.exe on the client. So - obviously the Virtual vault is configured, but the outlook add-in is bugging somehow. Any ideas fol...

bjorn_b by Level 6
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Resolved! Global Catalog - EV 9.0.1

I have my VSA mailbox on a Exchange 2010 and I have the error 3411. I have read the comment about it,

lukassc by Level 5
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Resolved! Is Vault Site Alias Created Automatically In EV 10?

Hi Guys, Recently I opened a support case with Symantec tech support, and I was told our EV setup as "BAD" configration. The reason is the Vault Site Alias is same for all the three sites. I remember when doing the configuration, there is no option t...

patriot3w by Level 5
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Resolved! Migrated Users Permissions Missing

Situation as follows: EV 9.0.3 on Windows 2003 archiving from Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010. The syncinmigrationmode set to 1 initially and currently at 2. EV Mailbox has been migrated to Exch 2010 and PS1 scripts have been run When the sync is set...

Mark_Solutions by Level 6
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Resolved! UAG and Enterprise Vault OWA

Hi All, IHAC who makes use of UAG i have tried numerious things to try get this to work externally but with no luck has anyone had any luck with getting this to work Thanks  

Tmarques by Level 4
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Resolved! How Migrating Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 environment EV 10.

Dear,                    I need your comments regarding the following: I have an Exchange 2003 environment implemented Enterprise Vault 10. I want to migrate Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 ... the query is .. O It is feasible to do that I consi...

Zinedine by Level 2
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Resolved! Como Migrar Exchange 2003 a Exchange 2010 en ambiente EV 10.

Estimados,                   Necesito sus comentarios con respecto a lo siguiente: Tengo un ambiente Exchange 2003 implementado con Enterprise Vault 10. Deseo migrar Exchange 2003 a Exchange 2010... la consulta es.. Es factible de realizar o y que de...

Zinedine by Level 2
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Resolved! Migrating Enterprise Vault 8.0 to 9.0

I am looking for the best way to migrate Enterprise Vault 8.0 to 9.0.  I am not only upgrading but wanting to move the Enterprise Vault to a 64-bit server.  My thinking is that I will need to first upgrade to 9.0.1 and then migrate this over to the n...

Resolved! EV in a DAG DR site.

Hello Everyone, We have installed, in an Exchange 2010 SP1 environment a DAG for DR purposes only.  The secondary site in the DAG will remain dormant until it is needed.  We are running EV The DAG is an addition to an already running Exch...

Resolved! 10.0.1 client wont allow silent installation

Hi I have a situation when running silent installation in the background while outlook is open. using silent installation on previous version worked great. 10.0.1 client pops out message that outlook is open. Since it's a 40,000 users - we need to do...

Resolved! Duplicate Symantec Enterprise Vault Archives

The Enterprise vault Server is in 'SyncInMigrationMode' as we are in the process of of a cross forest migration of  User objects and mailboxes from exchange 2003 - 2007. Originally the Exchange 2K3 organisation and the EV server were in the same Doma...