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Resolved! symantec archival solution

Team , one quick question all the mails are getting converted into SQL database in that all the attachments are also moving into the same database instance when it transfer to SQL . how is that please reply .

Raritan by Level 4
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Compatibility List - 25th November 2011

  You can find the latest revision of the Enterprise Vault Compatibility List on the following link :    It now covers the Enterprise Vault 9.0.3 Release. There is also one late omission :   Notes/Domino 8.5.2 f...

Resolved! EV8 & Powershell

Rather than re-invent the wheel I am wondering is there a Powershell script or can somebody give me some general pointers which would allow me to: 1) Interrogate one specific mailbox  2) one specific folder within that mail box 3) for any vaulted e...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault HTTP Only Client

Hi If the clients network are separated from the EV servers, and we are using the HTTP-Only client. Will we need to only open 80/http and eventually 443/https in the FW? Anders

Resolved! Archiving from a mailbox which is full: Warning Event 3049

  Hi Guys,   We have a few mailboxes which already full, which caused the EV reported this warning: the mailbox has exceeded its "Prohibit send&receive" limit and can not be processed.  The archiving task failed to proceed on these mailboxes.   My qu...

patriot3w by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Running Deployment Scanner as Power User

When running Deployment Scanner for support issues to gather information, I have to run this as the Vault Service account. A "Power Administrator" as a local Administrator is not sufficient. I receive an "unexpected error" right at the end... -------...

Peable by Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
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Restore from Vault

Hi   Can someone help. I am restoring mails from a user vault. All but one mail will restore. I need to know what errors to look for in error log to determine why this one particular mail will not restore via outlook (it will restore via archive expl...

GTK by Level 6
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Resolved! Security for Archived Data

Hi Guys,   I am new to Evault File server Archival solution. Currently i am planning security for the archived data , can someone suggest inbuilt feature or third party product to provide high level of security to archived data.   Just as a FYI , all...

Resolved! OWA - ISA 2006

Hi all I'm trying to resolve a problem with OWA not displaying buttons when used through an ISA 2006 server. This is a native Exchange 2003 environment and OWA users can connect fine through the ISA and can restrieve and view archived email all ok. A...

adebola24 by Level 5
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Resolved! Set-IndexLocationBackupMode COMExc

Hi All Having an issue - sort of - when setting the backup mode on the indexes. Running EV 805 on Windows 2003 32 bit. Using NetBackup bpstart_notify.bat with NetBackup client service set as the VSA. The script does work and set the vault stores and ...

Mark_Solutions by Level 6
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Resolved! Failed to Export Archive to PST

Hi, When I tried to export an archive to PST, I experienced an "Operation Abort" error as below. Export of other mailbox can be done successfully.   =============================================================================== Export Archive Report...

Leo_Wan by Level 5
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