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Resolved! Set FSA Vault Store/Partition on an Archive Point

Hi All We have just started to roll out EV9 across a number of file servers, with a requirement that we use FSA to help categorise data into its constituent business units using multiple Vault Stores/Partitions. As an example, we currently have a...

Resolved! MDAEMON migration to Enterprise Vault

Hello Probably spelled MDAEMON incorrectly, however does anyone know if there is a product out there that will migrate email data from MDAEMON to Enterprise Vault?   Thanks Judy Glazier

Resolved! Size of items reported in EV SQL server

I'm running a query on the EV SQL to collect the size of items in the archived. I'm getting a result (say 2000GB) which is different from the size reported by EV reporting (say 3400 GB). Any idea why this is? and is the size reported by my query accu...

Resolved! Installing Operations Manager Component

Team when installing EVOM on the EV server, in the select the features to install list check are Enterprise Vault Services and Administration Console. I know I need to check Operations Manager; it does not try and install the other items again does i...

Resolved! Archive task on remote server reports error, although it is running

  Kind of a cryptic heading perhaps, but here is a desription: The solution consists of 2 EV Servers (non-clustered)1 SQL (clustered)2 Exchange clusters 1 EV server archives from 1 Exchange Server (The other arvhices obviously from the other) SQL po...

bjorn_b by Level 6
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Archive Explorer, Unable to update the progress bar text

Has anyone come across this? I have been seeing this in my environment on a somewhat frequent. It usually happens when a user selects a group of emails in archive explorer, and restores them to the mailbox.   Message from Webpage - Unable to update t...

Resolved! SQL2005 - Database Compatibility Change

Hello all, We've moved databases (EV80SP5) from SQL2000 to SQL2005 without issues. checking properties in SQL2005, the Compatibility Level is set to 80 for the EV databases. Can I change this on the properties of the database(s)? Or do I need to run ...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! forcefully disable mailboxes using sql script

Hi   We have around 1k leavers mailboxes of which EV has successfully archived off all mail from their mailboxes. Our service desk will cleanup the mailboxes in exchange 2003 now we are happy the mail is in their archives. I now need to disable all o...

EVMan by Level 4
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Resolved! how to identify centera c-clips

Dear All  We are archiving a file server to a centera   How to find out a clip for a file which is archived from the file server, please help me   EV Version 9.0.2   thank you   pradeep

Silvershare by Level 4
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Resolved! shortcut deletion

Dear All   Please advise, how to delete the placeholders manually, after deletion of the archived item from the vault   EV Version : 9.0.2   thank you

Silvershare by Level 4
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Resolved! Folder Exclusions in EV 9.0.1 for Exchange 2007

Is there a way to exclude particular folders on a user by user basis from being archived by Enterprise Vault? For example, let's say user Alice doesn't want to archive the folder "Brass Monkey" and user Bob doesn't want to archive the folder "Chrome ...

Ethanism by Level 3
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Resolved! Archive according to folder?

Is it possible for EV to archive/retain email accourding to the folder that the email is in? We have a script that has created an Archive folder. Under that archive folder, additional folders were created: "1 Year", "3 Year"..., "Perminant". What we ...

bhornbeck by Not applicable
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Resolved! Need to change default for Expiry on new archives

I have a customer who want's the default expiry setting for new archives to be "un-checked".  In the Archive Properties on the "Advanced" tab there is a box called "Storage Expiry" and a checkbox for 'Delete expired items from this archive automatica...

EVCHUCK by Level 2
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Resolved! EV 9.0.1 MSMQ question

My MSMQ 3 shows 6 messages in queue, but when I open the queue, its contents are empty. I also think these 6 "invisible" messages are preventing me from performing a  "Run Now" archive run. How can I clear these 6 messages? Restart the Message Queuei...

Resolved! File deletion process

What is the process or task that runs to delete a file that has reached its retention policy expiry date? What time does this happen and can this be controlled?   Enterprise Vault 9

rufusl by Level 3
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