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EV ingesting PST files

hi, we are looking to ingest PST files into EV8. The EV server is physical and the Exchange 2003 server is virtual. The process doesn't seem to start. Are there any issues we should be aware of or knowledge articles you can advise we can look at ? An...

PST Ingestion

I'm am experiencing a very slow pst rate of ingestion on my EV servers.  They are currenlty virtual, however I have implemented EV in a virtual environment in the past and have not see this slowness.  The server is ingesting PST's at a rate of 100MB/...

Resolved! Problem to open archived mails

Hello,   We have problem to open archived mail. when we double click on the mail we are reciving error "the item could not be downloaded. [OIOM] 80070005". the problem started after we blocked users from using and adding new pst files (they only can ...

amit_s by Level 3
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Resolved! Shortcuts as attachments?

Hello, We're having some issues with users forwarding shortcuts as attachments (i.e. create new e-mail, drag&drop an archived message into the new e-mail). Basically, one of two things happen: internally, only users that have access to the vault from...

biosphere by Level 4
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Resolved! Advice on Dtrace counters

Hi All I need some advice on the correct counters to monitor with Dtrace for an unusual error I am getting every 10 minutes at a customer an error 13326 : Unable to create connection to vaultstore xxxx ,followed by a 6479 : Error accessing Vault Stor...

F5 link translation

Does anybody have any experience configuring EV with an F5 appliance, specifically configuring link translation? I have read through which describes in generic terms what needs ...


I can not open a DVS file with Enterprise Vault Outlook Add In, I try but I have this error Error in c:\Archivos de programa\Enterprise Vault\evclient\Valkirie.dll Falta entrada: ViewDVSFile When I open any archived message from Outlook it works corr...

Resolved! EV & SQL "max worker threads"

Hi, Is there anywhere a document that points out tuning of SQL "max worker threads" against busy EV servers? I'm having some overloaded SQL servers with many requests from EV servers and I am wondering if any fine tuning for SQL is in existance... Th...

Resolved! Removing and recreating an Archive

Hello together,   we want remove small archives (0-100MB) from EV. We want implement a process which enables these Mailboxes for EV afterwards again if they have reach,  let's say 1GB Mailbox size. The realisation of the "autoenable" is not the quest...

EV Cluster Convert Issue

Hi,   I am facing a problem while converting my existing EV server to the cluster. Following is the brief description about my setup VCS 5.1 with 2 nodes cluster is configured with basic disks. There is no storage foundation installed. Service group ...

Resolved! Error opening archived mail in outlook

Hi,   When I try to open an archived email in outlook it gives me the following error : "The web server responded with error 403" When I try to open the Archive Explorer the same error. Other users do not seem to have this problem.   Someone have som...

Resolved! EV 8 Indexing

Hi The Indexing drive is running low, can i move or remove of these? Thanks

Jun1or by Level 5
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Resolved! EV 9 with Domino 7.02 provisioning group problem

Hi , does anyone play with EV 9.0 and Domino? I have several problems in setting up them together so that it is still not working for the mail archiving between EV9 and Domino 7.02. Now, I have one EV Domino GW (according to the name convention of th...

Resolved! Upgrading EV and Discovery Accelerator

We have 4 EV servers plus 1 DA server that are all at version 8 SP 4.  I'm planning to upgrade to 9.0.2 on all of them.  It is my understanding from documentation that EV 8.0.4 can be upgraded directly to 9.0.2, but DA must be upgraded to 8.0.5 or 9....

Resolved! What to backup before upgrading EV

Hi all, I'm getting ready to upgrade our EV server from 8.0.3 to 9.0.2.  EV runs on a VM, so in addition to relying on my regular EV backups, I'm going to take the following steps so I can recover quickly if I run into problems during the upgrade -- ...