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how to change file archive names?

Hi, I have a customer archiving lots of shares on a file server. Due to this, we saw that several archives have been created with the same name (archive explorer, search, archives in VAC). For example, we have 3 archives named "Logs". This is very c...

RVD by Level 5
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Resolved! Splitting Vault Partiton

One of our clients would like to virtualize their EV server but the problem is their vault partitions are sitting on two 3.5TB disks and the usage on ths disks is around 3TB. VMware's linitation is 2TB. Does anyone know if there is a way to split t...

sKishore by Level 3
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EVPM, Provisioning Group, Retention Categories

I wasn't able to find any threads on this specifically, sorry if I missed it. I currently have two provisioning groups set up;  one with a 2 year retention category and the 2nd with an unlimited retention category. I also run an EVPM script to crea...

MASIV by Level 4
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FSAFixOfflineFile.exe to remove offline attribute

Hello, I have used the FSAFixOfflineFile.exe on several of my servers to remove the offline attribute from files that are not placeholder. The tool works pretty well but says it is for NTFS placeholders only. Does anyone know if there is a version th...

Vikes_2 by Level 6
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Resolved! Move EV 8.0.3 from Windows 2003 32-bit to Windows 2008 64-bit

We are attempting to move our EV 8.0.3 from a 32-bit 2003 server to a standard 64-bit 2008 server. We did all the expected installation of EV 8.0.3 on the new server, followed and moved the registr...

RnmiS by Level 2
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Resolved! Deleting mails directly in the inbox

Hello everybody Maybe I miss something, but is it possible to configure enterprise Vault to delete mails directly from the archive, when the user delete them in his inbox? Because if I delete a archived mail in my inbox, it remains in Vault. So th...

JeromyK by Level 2
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Resolved! Event ID 7092 - Won't delete safety copies

I'm following the article at this link - which is also in the EV8 help files - and it is not working.  I have the trigger file reproduced letter for letter but it is returning an error 7092 shown below.  I'm thinking this is related to a missing .xsd...

Moving share the name of the host changed

Hi, I have a celerra with 3 volumes (shares) archived  on a celerra. One of them will be migrated to a new virtual celerra, on the same hardware so the volume is just removed and attach to the virtual nas but the old name is already use for the 2...

Jechar by Level 5
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Event ID 13397 after Vault Store Delete

We deleted an empty store, now I am receiving an error the error below. The Database no longer exists and the store is no longer in the list of stores. Can someone help me figure out where this configuration lives so I can remove it? Evault 8 SP4 ...

JimRich by Level 4
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Why I'm going to

Why I’m removing Enterprise Vault and deploying Exchange 2010 This is not meant to serve as a negative review for Enterprise Vault but rather as a statement of why it’s not a fit for my organization. Enterprise Vault certainly has considerable value...

Resolved! Adding additional EV servers - best practices

Hi - hope someone can help. We have a 6 year old EV 8.0 SP3 (shortly to be SP4) server. quad Xeon 2.7GHz, 4GB RAM, Win2k3 Standard. This was state of the art hardware in its day, but is now showing signs of age. We are planning to build a new serve...

Anon_Man by Level 4
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Resolved! The increasing of the database

Enterprise Vault 7.0 for Exchange About 10 mailboxes. The size of EVault database is increasing very quickly. The full size is about 30G. Full size of archived messages is about 800Mb What else is stored in database? How can I decrease the size of da...