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EV Backup window squeeze

All, We are installing EV and our exchange nightly differential backup takes 12 hours (1 exchange server) (full backup on the weekend which takes about 40 hours), which would leave absolutely no-time for EV archiving and backup. After we turn on arc...

EVHolic by Level 5
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EV 8.0 VAC & Outlook

Having recently upgraded to EV 8.0 sp3 and deployed the Vault Admin Console to a number of admins after uninstalling the outlook add-in, the outlook 2003 clients do not have any of the outlook add-in components such as icons. Any ideas welcome

Resolved! 80sp2 message class "EnterpriseVault PendingArchive Part" ??

I've just noticed that I get a messageclass EnterpriseVault Pending Archive Part in my journal mailboxes. What is this? SIS parts? I used to only see IPM.Note and EntepriseVault Pending Archive. I now have 3 I am seeing. Anyone knows what the "Ent...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Virtual Vault preview with PGP 9 Desktop Addin

Dear all, in my last thread we found out, my virtual vault preview doesn't work because PGP Addin is active. My environment: - Server: W2008 Server, Enerprise Vault 8 SP3 - Client: WXP SP3, Outlook 2007 SP2, PGP 9.8 Build 2158, Vault 8 SP3 Outlook Ad...

Exchange archiving on Centera

Hello, Since a couple of weeks we are archiving exchange on a Centera and not on NTFS anymore ( new partitions created of Centera).  I see 2 or 3 times per run in my eventlog the following entry ID 6760 Category Storage Crawler description Error from...

Netapp Snaplock and EV Expiry

I am testing Netapp Snaplock w/ EV V8 SP3. I set retention for one day. After I ran expiry, I did not get any returns with a DA or webapp search (as I expected), but the savesets are still there. My question is “does disk space get reclaimed after ex...

sleddog by Level 5
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Resolved! archivetask.exe crashing soon after starting

Hello everybody. Last week my backup started spanning tapes, so I decided to set up a new partition on my EV 2007. To do this I followed the intructions here: However since then, My archive task h...

Maximum message size to archive in MB

Hi! Is there any recomended setting for the "Maximum message size to archive in MB" in Exchange Mailbox policy? We have a problem with a big message that is in a "archiving" state in Outlook. The setting in the policy is "0" so it should be archive...

Resolved! Centera to centera

I have a customer who is looking to move from an old centera to a new one.  Are there any special tools or is it basically a matter of performing a replication set from old to new, and then reconnect like it was a DR?  or am I over simplifying? or is...

Korbyn by Level 5
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FSA-Unexpected reebot

Hi Guys, We have a File System cluster Win2003 sp2 with 3 physical nodes and FSA installed EV8.0 SP3. We opened ticket with ms support because active node was "unexpected reebot" without any cause.   The result of dumps failed of "FileScreenFilter" m...

Daniel_R_ by Level 5
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FSA Archiving against a NetApp filer

Hi all I am trying to configure FSA archiving against a FSA NetApp filer using EV 8 SP2 We have one EV server doing the Email archiving and one for the FSA archiving . Email and PST import from home drives on the netapp have been working fine I have...

SolarP by Level 6
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Resolved! Issue importing a PST file

I've had a strange issue with importing a PST file into a vault mailbox today. We imported a 3GB PST file imto a mailbox. Almost all the mails in the PST file where either in the INBOX or SENT ITEMS. We selected the following options: 1. creating a...

Mark_Ludgate by Level 6
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Ev client issue

Hi All, Can anyone please let me know the answer for below queries: "The archive icon becomes an email envelop in my outlook" Note: Server : Ev 2007 Client : Ev 7 Windows : XP Outlook : Ms office 2003  Kindly advise how to resolve this. Rega...

Resolved! EV - Last accessed vs Last modified

Hello all, Can anyone help me with this.  We are about to implement EV in our business the policy drawn up is that all files that have not been modified for one year are archieved and stored on a secondary SAN.  I have now been asked the benefits o...

TheRock by Level 2
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