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After a successful upgrade from Enterprise Vault 7 sp1 to Enterprise Vault 2007 SP6 I've got a very irritating 40966 event, se below

A program fault has raised an exception. Exception: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {9191D484-601E-4F9E-A898-843E5FDACE05} failed due to the following error: 80040154. Diagnostic: HRESULT: 80040154 Type: System.Runtime.Inte...

EV 8.0 SP3 & Move Archive Link

I downloaded the 8.0 SP3 software today, and when I clicked on the link in the updates_en.htm document for more information on Move Archive it is a broken link.  Does anyone have the correct link for this new feature?  Thanks. Tom

Mojorsn by Level 5
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Resolved! DA - Organizing cases & case security

Two part question here...both related to cases & security. We're running DA 8.0 SP2. Part 1 - Organizing cases We have three separate users in our organization who perform DA searches for different purposes. Let's say User A, B and C. Each user can ...

Resolved! SQL 2005 SP3 upgrade

Hi,   Does anyone know if SP3 cummulative upgrade 2 for SQL 2005 SE 64Bit is support for EV2008 SP1 (,  DA2008 SP1 and CA2008 SP1. We are planning on upgrading the Service pack on SQL because Microsoft is not going to support it after Janu...

Resolved! FSA - Last access time issue

Hello, i have EV 8.0 SP1 installed and configured. Ran File server archiving task on my test file server. I have found that "Last access time" is modified within archived files. So when I archive file (no shortcut), EV task change the "Last access ti...

Pettris by Level 3
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Resolved! Symantec 8.0 sp2 configuration wizard

Hi, I am getting a weird one with configuration wizard. When I get to the part where I am asked for database location I fill in location and click next, but nothing happens just a momentarily egg timer no matter how many times I click next and no err...

Celtic by Level 5
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Mass Archive delete in EV7.0

We currently have EV 7.0 setup across 2 different sites holding over 12k seperate archives between them. The system hasnt had any form of housekeeping run on it in some time and as a result we have over 4k archives of users that have left the company...

O2Duplex by Not applicable
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Resolved! EV 8.0 SP2 Icons randomly disappear and reappear

Hello, we have a few users enabled for EV, most of the users are still not enabled. The problem exists on some of the microsoft terminal servers and on local workstations. All have Outlook 2007 installed. First case: A local workstation with a user...

vmds by Level 5
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Resolved! Index data clean up

Does anyone have any smart and easy ways of clearing up old Index data? We currently have 5.5TB of indexes (replicated), huge amounts of these belong to the many thousands of old archives that are no longer in use and most likely, will never ever be...

Resolved! Migrating Domain, what to do with Exchange and EV

Hi, I am working at a company where we are migrating domains, and we are running Enterprise Vault 8 on one of the domains. Domain 1 (Enterprise Vault) Doamin 2 (the one we are moving to) What is the best practics for moving Enterprise Vault to anoth...

TheSufer by Level 2
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Resolved! Assistance with SQL removal of missing Vault Store Days

Hi My client  accidently deleted some of the journal vault store folders. Unfortunately there was no backups in place on these folders. The journal index is now in a rebuilding state but complains of the missing folders. I need to remove all the re...