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Resolved! Vault cache very slow sync (EV 8.0 SP1)

I tried uninstalling unsupported .NET software but still having issue - Currently have .NET 2.0 SP1 installed on Server 2003 x64.

Gian012 by Level 3
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Resolved! EV80SP2 - 'backup journal archive'

Damn. Was sent the release notes for 80SP2. In the upgrade pdf (well done guys!) there is a mentioning of the following: Enterprise Vault 8.0 always creates Watchfile database records for items from journal mailboxes, regardless of the safety copi...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! @Symantec/EV PM's: Anyone monitoring Ideas??

Guys I can see that other divisions are using the "Ideas" section, and that Ideas are under review and such. Is the Enterprise Vault Team planning on doing something similar, and actively provide feedback to those ideas? Would be a great way to kee...

MichelZ by Level 6
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Failed to export emails from Discovery Accelerator

Hi All, I am now using EV 2007 with Discovery Accelerator (DA) on Windows Server 2003 with service pack 2 installed  Yesterday, I tried to export the emails from DA, the web page failed to response, and I tried to restart the DA Service, but still ...

bschkltd by Level 4
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Domain Membership for Outlook Extensions

Is domain membership a requirement for full features in the Outlook Extensions? All of our clients are not domain members and access our Exchange environment via Outlook Anywhere.  What impact if any will this cause?

o0ross0o by Level 3
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Resolved! EV 8 Storage Sizing for Exchange and Jounal Archiving

Hi All, Need some help with sizing. I'm trying to size on the assumption of: 1. 600 user Exchange 2007 mbx with journalling enabled. 2. Assuming avg 100 mails recv per user per day. 3. 5 Year retention period. 4. Journalling enabled on a seperat...

Merv by Level 6
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Issue with PST Locator

I am having EV 2007. I am trying to run PST locator Task and it is failing continiously. When I checked in Windows Event Log following event IDs are generating. Event ID 8452 The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryConnection object reported an error. The er...

EV with Hitachi AMS 2500

We plan to deploy EV soon and use SAN storage on our Hitachi AMS 2500. Our AMS has both SAS and SATA drives. Our plan is to use the SATA drives in RAID6 for the vault stores only. Items requiring the higher IOPS, like indexes and SQL would go on the ...

EV8 - Training Courses

I was wondering why there isn't a EV8 - Admin Course which just goes over the differences between ev7 or 2007 and 8 Instead of going through all the 5 day admin course. Maybe they could make the troubleshooting a 5 day course and include this in it...

Export Journaling archive

Hi! i would like to ask if any reason I can not export mail from Journaling archive. I setup for testing Journaling for my mailbox and now company has to go for Journaling archiving using EV8. I would like to export all email from archive to free s...

Mambal by Level 4
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S/MIME corruption, anyone?

Has anyone else experienced problems restoring signed/encrypted messages to Exchange mailboxes? We occasionally run across S/MIME signed emails that can't be restored because the smime.p7s or smime.p7m attachment is missing or corrupt. They can be ...

EDU by Level 4
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programmatically import PSTs into EV

I have a C# app that "processes" PST files and creates new PSTs as output.  We now have a need to to load that output directly into EV.  Is it possible to to load individual messages into EV as I process them, or am I limited to importing the entire ...

Resolved! Event ID 3310

Hi all, In my Enteprise Vault Server I can see sometime this error event log: Event ID: 3310 Category: Archive Task There was a problem accessing a network service or resource. The dispenser will re-queue the current item and sleep for 10 minute(s)...

Resolved! Restore problems with EV8.0 Sp1 and Exchange 2007

 Hello, We are in the pilot phase of the Exchange 2007 migration. We are moving from Exchange 2003 and have EV 8 SP1 installed. I currently have 4 EV servers in w2K3 SP2 for the archiving of Exchange 2003 and 1 W2K8 SP1 for the archiving of Exchange ...