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Journal Task Timeout / Retry configuration

We have a new EV 8.0 implementation running journaling and mailbox archiving. Journaling is working away quite happily,  until we reboot our Exchange server at which point it fails and the backlog begins in the journal mailbox The Exchange serversr...

Resolved! OWA - list of Control File Folders

Hello all, I recall having seen a document somewhere on the symantec site that shows which control file folders one can have, related to patches to Exchange. I seem to be unable to locate it. These are the folders (as we all know) that are needed/...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Sizing SQL for EV8

Hi there, is there anywhere an updated "Performance Guide". The most recent one I have found for Enterprise Vault 8 is Last updated: December 19, 2008? I specifically like the sentence in the Chapter about Fingerprint database: An update to this gu...

Peable by Level 6
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Resolved! Our ProxyOverride settings are being replaced by EV Servers

Hi All, EV 8 Outlook Add-ins is overwritting our ProxyOveride reg key (HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings).  It is also unticking the Bypass proxy server for local address in IE, Connections, LAN Settings. EV 2007 Outlo...

philt by Level 5
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Resolved! Reporting Configuration utility

I'm trying to run the Reporting Configuration utility as stated in Chapter 20, page 144 of the Installing and Configuring guide but I don't seem to have the Reporting Configuration option when I go to Start > Programs > Enterprise Vault > Did I miss...

jlg by Level 4
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PST Transfer rate

HI, anyone knows how much time 2.6 TB of pst will be tranfer to an EVA server?? All the pst resides together in a ntfs server. Using script  is much faster than the locator and migrator task ??? Thanks in advance!!! GP

Gonza by Level 5
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Resolved! Boot.ini switches /PAE

I would like to get some recommendations on Boot.ini switches for EV 2007. I checked the performance guild which says nothing about /PAE switch. One article says not to use it, where others have no refernce to it.   Says not to use /PAE however it...

Resolved! Offline Vault and Public Folder Favorites

Hello Community, i am facing the challenge of having the personal mailbox and the public folder favorites in the offline Vault available. setting the OVSyncArchiveTypes Registry value to "9" did not do the trick as it syncs ALL Public Folder Archiv...

HolgerM by Level 4
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Resolved! Outlook add in error in behavior!!!!!!

Hi, I have a problem with the behavior on my EV add in on outlook 2000/2003 client's. EV server 2007 SP5.  My expirience is this, enabled user can archive and restore items from EV no problem, search and explorer works fine. When the user marks a a...

EV stopped archiving

Hi all, one of our customers has got Enterprise Vault archiving problem. Until 2-3 weeks ago everything was fine about archiving files and mailbozes with PRC over HTTP and OWA. I could see number of archvable items (can find below) when I run in repo...

Resolved! How to enable auditing?

On page 29 of the Installing and Configuring under Storage required for the audit database it says "The Utilities manual describes how to set up auditing." I opened up the Utilities manual and nowhere does it show how to enable or setup auditing. C...

jlg by Level 4
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Resolved! EV7.5 SP5 or EV8 Sp1

Trying to figure which of these I should do Also what the impact is.  I know there is forums to upload to the exchange server again but do I need to push a new client out too all the desktops. Also I believe I need to get a new license key for ev 8

Resolved! Outlook Add-In Required?

Is the Outlook Add-In required even if I only want users to see the shortcut of an archived email and have the ability to click on it to retreive the entire message? I don't want them to have the ability to store, restore, or delete from the Vault a...

jlg by Level 4
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Storage Archive - Event ID: 4171

Enterprise Vault 8.0 Environment...we get these alerts after our scheduled archiving runs finish. Has anyone else run into these and know if I should be concerned? Thanks Event Type: Error Event Source: Enterprise Vault Event Category: Storage Arc...

Resolved! EV_xxxx Databases on EV Domino Gateway

Dear All, I've just applied SP1 to our EV Installation, and have a minor question. Part of the installation guide states <pre> On the Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway server, delete the following files, if they exist, from the 'EV' subfolder of th...

Messages in pending state?

Something happened in our EV system the other day.  Users were not able to archive emails.  My colleague troubleshot the issue and told me the followings: 1) He had to change archivepending to 0 and then run the archive task in report mode to revert...