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Can not find data from imported PST when performing search.

Yesterday we imported some PSTs into a Vault mailbox archive. When I search via the browser search or Discovery Accelerator, I do not see any results from the recently imported data. I searched the Partition and found that the DVS files are there for...

JT_2 by Level 3
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Decommissioning Exchange servers

We built a new Exchange 2003 server, to replace an older Exchange 2003  server. All mailboxes were moved from the old server to the new one. Per Document ID 286709, I need to run a sql script against the  exchangemailboxentry table that shows all act...

EV7 Welcome Message

Hi, I enabled my mailbox for vaulting yesterday, but I didn't receive the "Welcome to Evault" email.  My colleague has the same issue.  We initially installed version 6, and then upgraded to version 7 before enabling any mailboxes for vaulting.  The ...

EV over OWA -access problem with shared mailboxes.

We are in the process of putting in a new installation of EV  for our Exchange 2003 organisation and have come upon a problem which I think we have a solution to. However, it is such as basic matter that I am surprised that i can find no reference to...

Backup Archived Files with Backup Exec

Hi,We are currently trying out File System Archiving at the moment, however when Backup Exec comes across an archived file it skips it reports "Access is denied" I have tried adding the regitry key "ExcludedEXE's" but this doesn't seem to make any di...

CM by Level 3
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Automation of Addtion of Archives \ New Users to KVS

Hi,Just wondering if theres a way to Automate the process of adding new users via Exchange to KVS.Currently we have Version 6.0 SP3i.e. New mailbox \ user is created in Exchange, it is at this point we would like to be able to automate the next part ...

Journaling of Calendar Items

I have performed several EV installs and have come across a customer that must archive all of their calendar items.  They want to ensure that ALL calendar items created (whether an invite that includes others or just a reminder for the individual) ar...

Trojenz by Level 4
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How Can I search in "Search Explorer"

hello,how can I search In "Search Explorer" or Archive Explorer ?Is it possible to search with And |Or | ?Where can I find article about all the option about search ? many thanks ronen 

Storage Expiry

Hi all,  Was wondering if there may be a way to execute expiry on an individual archive basis?

Maynard_K by Level 6
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Experience upgrading from v6 to v7?

Hi!  I am in the initial planning for upgrading from v6 SP4 to v7 SP1.  Has anyone done this upgrade?  What was your experience with it?  I am particularly interested in the actual client upgrades.  Most of our clients are on Windows XP SP2 and Offic...

Attachments not opening during Offline Vault.

Hei, When users try to open attachments while connected to office networks the attachments open fine. But as soon as they try to open the same attachment with network cable unplugged, users get this error msg in IE: "The page cannot be displayed" Run...

Bobby by Level 4
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D/L Expansion Failed

Occasionally, a message will fail D/L expansion, usually because the D/L is gone (dynamically created). When this happens, the message lands in the Failed DL Expansion folder of the journal mailbox. How long does it sit there? Will it eventually time...