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Storage Expiry

Hi all,  Was wondering if there may be a way to execute expiry on an individual archive basis?

Maynard_K by Level 6
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Experience upgrading from v6 to v7?

Hi!  I am in the initial planning for upgrading from v6 SP4 to v7 SP1.  Has anyone done this upgrade?  What was your experience with it?  I am particularly interested in the actual client upgrades.  Most of our clients are on Windows XP SP2 and Offic...

Attachments not opening during Offline Vault.

Hei, When users try to open attachments while connected to office networks the attachments open fine. But as soon as they try to open the same attachment with network cable unplugged, users get this error msg in IE: "The page cannot be displayed" Run...

Bobby by Level 4
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D/L Expansion Failed

Occasionally, a message will fail D/L expansion, usually because the D/L is gone (dynamically created). When this happens, the message lands in the Failed DL Expansion folder of the journal mailbox. How long does it sit there? Will it eventually time...

Arching files larger than 30mb

Anyone who have come across issues archiving large files. A customer of mine tried this and got the following error back: 21-06-2007 15:22:19 \\<fileshare.FQDN>\<foldername>\<subfoldername>\<subfolder with ()>\<subfolder>\<subfolder>\<filename.AVI> 6...

Exclude emails from archive

Hi, We are currently implementing EV and are wondering if it is possible to exclude some emails from being archived. The system is being configured so that all users emais will be archived, but we won't to have the ability to flag certain emails so t...

Vault Usage Reports rights

Is there an easy way to allow administrative users rights to the Vault Usage Report (usage.asp and listvaults.asp)?  I've gone through the 287580 document and given correct permissions, but it is still not working.  When they access it, they're getti...

EVANON Not Showing Up?

I had to do a reconfig of our test environment and now EVANON is not showing up in IIS. Has anyone seen anything like this?

K_Wall by Level 3
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there's a bit of a debate between my colleague and I regarding expiry of vaulted items.  item X is vaulted with a 2 year expiry time from vault date.  if the item is 5 years old and has not been touched since its creation date, will it automatically ...

remove items from vault

I have been testing version 7sp1 prior to going production.  I vaulted way too many items in my file system archiving test, and would like to remove them from storage.  What's the easiest, and cleanest way to do this?

What to do when PST migration fails

Last weekend I scheduled a PST migration using the collector and migrator tasks. Though 80% was succesful there were a few PST's that couldn't be migrated. I rescheduled a new migrator task, but the log doesn't show wether it retried to migratie the ...

Vault Store access freezes server

Hi Guys, I'm running EV 5 and am working to upgrade ASAP. At the moment when I try to access the vault store drive and drill down into the directory structure to the subfolder level inside the vault store it is freezing the server. I believe this is ...