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indexing engine could not load, and exporting pst very slowly

Level 4

Hi Team,

All user impacted with below error enterprise vault 11.1 please suggest me the solution for the same. also  export pst task working very slowly, 1 user almost taking 5-6days to export the pst data, actully im doing migration process evault 11.1 to evault 12.1, i have implemented another evault server 12.1 as old evault 11.1 had multiple issues so im exporting pst data from old evault server 11.1 and importing in evault 12.1 this way user not impacting, this process running in backend so user could not face any issue but exporting task running very slowly and having indexing issue as mentioned. please suggest me some idea or solution. 

below error for ref. Error Message

A search failed with error "The indexing engine could not load the index".

Event ID: 41315
Task Category: Index Query Server
Level: Warning
Keywords: Classic
Computer: IndexServer.Domain.local
Description: A search failed with error "The indexing engine could not load the index".

Archive: Pravin Goud
Archive ID: 1CD5A296B2C25CF42A0AFBCB01D8B4EB21110000EVServer.Domain.local
Index volume ID: 14
User: Domain\vault
Maximum results: 5000
Timeout (seconds): 120
Sort order: snum



Pravin Goud

Enterprise Vault Admin


Level 3
Accredited Certified

Is the Index service in running state?
Have you run a Verify Index Task against any of the affected Archives?
The error mostly point to missing index files for the archive. Please check if you can access the physical location of the Index for the affected user. 

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which OS are you using?

after verifying index try to resolve the dns alias of the evserver locally!

What is "very slow" for you and what infrastructure are you using? CPU RAM disks

Do you use backupmode to backup data? how did you move from 11.1 to 12.1?