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page cannot be displayed when trying to open link in preview pane with IE6

Level 3

Hello - we are using Enterprise Vault 7.5 and have the following issue .


Our Internetexplorer Standard is still version 6 and people who open an attachemtent via the link

in the outlook preview pane have the problem that:


1. the browser opens and then opens the respective program that opens the document itself (eg. adobe reader)

2. the browser remains open with an "page cannot be displayed error" in the background and has to be manually closed.


This does not happen with IE 7.

I guess it is some issue with the viewmessage.asp script on the enterprise vault server.

Does someone have a solution here?

best regards




Level 3

Hi Mailmonster


Have you considered applying a service pack on IE 6 possibly SP2?

Level 3

Hello - I forgot to mention in my original post that we use ie 6 SP2.


So unfortunately the problem still exists. any other ideas?


best regards



Level 3

Hi Mailmonster,


Did you ever find a resolution to this issue? We're experiencing the same thing.



Level 2

Hello Gentlemen,


This is a known issue.  More information can be found here: - Why does a blank Internet Explorer (IE) browser pop up when opening attachments from Enterprise Vault (EV) archived items directly from the Outlook preview pane?



EV enabled users who have IE6 on their desktops and open archived items will receive this error. The issue with the IE window remaining open with "Action Canceled" when a user clicks on an attachment link in the preview pane of an archived email is "by design" in IE6. The code cannot be changed as it would break IE security settings already in place. The correct way to open archived attachments is to double-click the archived message that contains the item and then access the attachment within. Users should not open archived attachments from the preview pane.