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PLEASE post product queries in the relevant forum! Links below....

This General Veritas forum is for 'general Veritas topics', NOT for product-related queries.If you post here, your product-related query may not be seen for days.... or weeks! Please find product forums here for best possible visibility: Protection: ...

Marianne by Moderator
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Netbackup track logs movment

Hi Everyone,We are trying to standarize our netbackup policies naming convention in doing so we have to create new policies with the different/new name than previous one's. Now the problem is that old policies were configured with the accelerator ena...

Partner NFR licenses

Hi TeamCan you help with ordering NFR licenses on partner net portal. Seems i'm missing navigation or it has been pulled down?  

Authentication Failed

I could not log in a case in Veritas Support website.  Authentication FailedYour attempt to log in through SAML Single Sign On failed. Please contact your administrator.

Issue in apk installing

Hello eveyone i am getting an issue while installing apk files from these links Blackmart and tvtap. These both are third party apps. I try these apps on my android marshmallow version. Please help regarding this issue.

How to find out who activated policy

Hello Kindly let us know how to know who activated the deactivated policyes, is there any way to check dateails.Please let us know.

charan by Level 4
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Download Link for Backup Exec 11d 7170

Does Veritas have an FTP site or a different Web site to download older versions such as 11d 7170? Not having any luck with with support or the Veritas site.

AWS re:Invent 2017, Star Wars, and Data Protection

If you’re like me, going to AWS re:Invent is a yearly must do. When I first attended this conference back in 2013, I think maybe there were roughly 8,000 people there. This year, there were 44,000+! Needless to say, it’s grown a ton. As in years past...

doing proper DFS backup

this is a rant and a suggestion at the same time.NBU support for backing up DFS servers is really pathetic. i previously suffered from a similar fate as this guy but fortunately we went for a Veeam solution for all our Windows servers. backup and res...

manatee by Level 6
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improvements on PureDisk type

hello. i'm in the middle of replacing my PureDisk type storage and found out that one cannot add nor remove hard disks to the existing PureDisk would be nice, and flexible, in future releases of NBU to allow adding/removing of hard disks o...

manatee by Level 6
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Please join us in #VTASgratitude

To our VOX community, we invite you to be a part of #VTASgratitude. Over the coming holiday season, we want to capture the gratitude felt among employees and partners at Veritas, and offer insight on the positivity that guides the Veritas business; ...

AlexMatts by Level 6
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sympd list shows incorrect information

Hi , I have customer who recently upgraded symcli version to 8 and noticed that sympd list returning device IS with 5 digits.For example if it is emc1_3ebc in list it is showing 13EBC .OS : AIX 7.1IE 7.3symcli version 8.3 Does anybody have noticed th...

linuxrocks by Level 2
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Where can I download the VCS 6.1 Trial version?

Hi,Where can I download the Veritas Cluster version 6.1 Trial? We need to deploy in a cluster and while we get the licences purchased we would like to install it and have it functional.Thanks,Matias.

Why do Veritas TN links redirect after all this time?

Hi there,When is this issue going to get fixed? When clicking a link to a Veritas TN, it invariably redirects to a "nothing" Technical Support page. This means going back and clicking on the link yet again!Clicking this link:

CraigV by Moderator
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improvements on NBU

there really should be feedback forum (like they have with Windows 10) for the product. referring us back to our local supplier/vendor is no help because they don't care.anyways, i've used NBU for 5 years now and what i can say is the GUI is mostly u...

manatee by Level 6
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Thoughts and takeaways from Vision 2017

Wow. The second Veritas Vision conference is over. And what a week it was. Press conferences, technology announcements, great keynotes, surprising demos, valuable breakout sessions, and a list of sponsors that any conference would be lucky to have. T...