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Local and remote protection for SQL using infoscale

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Hi Guys,

This customer wants to have MSSQL cluster in the Primary data center and a SQL ready to go to production in case Primary data center goes down. I know infoscale is the answer but I´ve been doing some research and I cant find anytime about this architecture. 

Does anyone have ideas about this? Maybe VCS with GCO?


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local VCS or VCS with GCO

Thanks Frank,

The database is 4 TB (of course this must be replicated in case of a primary data center disaster) and the storage where it is running is a HPE MSA 2062 according to the documentation the lastest HPE hardware supported is HPE MSA 2052.

Do you think this will work? Any special considerations?

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Well, to setup HA for your mission critical application and the data. you need to consider the HA for each of the conponents in your data centre below:

1. SAN, storage and  volume level (RAID level)

2. data backup strategy (need to test not only backup but also data restore)

3. cluster (local or local plus GCO (location (same city) or remote site (cross geo)). data rep network bandwidth for VVR)

4. patch level

5. optimal performance (tuning and load balance etc)

6. app site failover/switch drill

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if no more question, please close the ticket.



Veritas InfoScale solutions for monitoring SQL Server ... Non-shared storage - if you use Windows LDM to manage local disks  vidmate