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Accessing appliance without men default

Level 3

Hi everyone.

We need to run a particular script in a appliance but all the time when we connect appears the defaukt menu.

Is posible avoid it?  I want an account with direct access to the shell.....not in the menu.

Thanks a lot.




Level 6

It will depend on what the script needs to do, but if it is NBU-centric, you could use a NetBackup CLI user to accomplish this.  Check out the command reference and the admin guide for detailed information.

VCS, NBU & Appliances

Level 6

There is no direct access to a shell prompt on NetBackup Appliances.  They have been hardened to remove that.

In addition, running an unauthorized script on an Appliance can, under certain conditions, result in the removal of Support.

If you're trying to run a script to run NetBackup commands to change things like Policies and Schedules (like my company does to acomindate their Fiscal Year) then I'd recomend setting up a small Linux or Windows VM and configuring it as a Media Server.  Then all those commands would be available.

If you're trying to monitor or otherwise interrogate the Appliance then you may need to look at something like the Alerts in OpsCenter.  Or use the small VM Media Server approach so you can run Media Server type commands to interrogate the Appliance...

You actually can SSH in via a configured NetBackup CLI user and gain access to a limited shell.  It only allows you to run NetBackup and a few shell commands, but it is doable and I've had customers automate a number of NetBackup related things with scripts via that user account.  

Appliance management or OS scripting isn't really doable from that limited shell, however.

You can see what's available at this TechNote:


VCS, NBU & Appliances