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Change domain on 5240 Appliance

Level 4

I have a 5240 and need to change it's domain.   First, a little history... the names and IP addresses have been changed to protect the innocent.

Phase 1, the appliance master001 was initially built in to backup clients that were going to be moving to a new domain once it was ready.   So the appliance was named with ip address

Netbackup was installed with just the shortname for hostname, so master001

Phase 2, New network domain is built so we added an interface to the appliance for the new domain  30.30.321.456

We can now hit clients in both olddomain and newdomain.  As clients are moved from to we just adjusted the clients in the policies.

Phase 3.  All clients are now in  I was able to add the newdomain nameservers and added newdomain to the search domains.   But it won't let me remove from the search domains, and it won't let me remove olddomain's nameserver.  And it still isn't resolving names from the new nameserver even though it's in there.

Also, I want the appliance to be known as now that it no longer needs to reach into the old network space.  Once all that is accomplished, we will be disabling the original interface plugged into