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How to add external storage to NetBackup Appliance 5250

Level 0

We have NetBackup Appliance 5250 and it is 85% full. I was looking at the possibility of adding more storage to the appliance like what are the possible options:

1- Do we need to get disk shelves from veritas and add them to the appliance?

2- Is there any possibility that external storage like any NFS or network file system or any external storage like NetApp can be added to this appliance to increase the storage capacity.

I am pretty new to this appliance administration. Any help will be highly appreciated.



Level 6

Hi @aiabbas 

The only external storage you can add to the appliance is supported object storage - which is used to add MSDP-C to the appliance. This can be local object storage - such as Hitachi HCP or NetApp StorageGRID - the NetBackup hardware compatibility list will provide the list of supported solutions. Or it can be cloud based storage AWS S3, Axure Blob etc. (again the HCL will tell what is possible). 

The only physical storage supported for a backup target is that supplied by Veritas (i.e. another storage shelf). 

Hope this helps