Logs trace location

Hi Floks
I would like to get the logs files from my netbackup In order to trace some problem ( can't connect to host ) and with Vm 195 Can you please tell me how i can check the logs from server itself Thanks
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Re: Logs trace location


Do you have a NetBackup Appliance? 

I see that you have posted in the NetBackup forum as well, saying that you have a Linux Master server.

Have you tried to download NetBackup for VMware Administrator's Guide  and go through the Troubleshooting chapter?

There are topics such as :
■ Notes on troubleshooting NetBackup for VMware
■ Beware of unsupported backup host
■ How to determine the ESX network that NetBackup used for the backup or restore
NetBackup logging for VMware
■ Preventing browsing delays caused by DNS problems
■ Changing the browsing timeout for virtual machine discovery
■ Changing timeout and logging values for vSphere

Please note the section where it tells you that log folders need to be created first.
Path for legacy log folders on a Linux/Appliance server is :