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Backup Admin died. Need to know how to gather useful information for support.

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We have 2 Backup systems running. a 9.1.0 and a 8.3.0 systems.

The 8.3.0 was backing up some of our legacy Unix server using clients 7.0 for most of them. We cannot login to the 8.3 system to see if the 7.0 clients will work on the 9.1.0 server (where we want to go).

The 8.3 system cannot login to the interface due to error unable to login status 537 connection to the netbackup database was not successful (although the service is running, and yes, we tried to restart the service). 

1) how to transfer the profiles (or a profile) from the 8.3.0 system to the 9.1?

2) how to resize the tables if I cannot login to the GUI interface on the 8.3.0 system (plenty of disk space available, like 2.5TB)

Also, when we get this running, what do we need to gather to have record of for better support when needed?



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Hi @mrmurdock 

I would go and hire a Netbackup consultant. Protecting data is not to be taken easy.

Besides the immediately issues, a trained Netbackup consultant would also be able to gather, plan and execute new required activities.