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Backup and restore of vCenter Server Appliance

Level 6

Hi.. I'm looking for a solution to backup and restore of vCenter Server Appliance 5.x. I've got for example:

- 10 ESXi 5.x servers managed by vCenter Server Appliance

- NB 7.5/7.6 with all required licenses to backup VMware virtual environment

- VCenter appliance can be backed up by NB as a normal vm.

I know I can't restore virtual machines using NB when vCenter server is not available. (There is no possibility to restore using ESXi managed by vCenter server even if vCenter is not working). 

We can also have a 1 ESXi server not managed by vCenter.

What are your recomendation to backup/restore of vCenter appliance ??



Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified

Have you already tried adding standalone ESXi host as "VMware Restore ESX server" and restoring appliance to this standalone ESXi? If you need to switch the host on which the appliance is running, copy VM files to original ESXi and add it into inventry.