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Backup start after some local job on server are finished

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Hi all,


I searched the forum but did not find any answer.

We have on a window Server some jobs running (db backup and export) and I have to make sure the NetBackup job runs after the DB Jobs are executed. is there a way to check and wait of a specific eventid in eventlog or wait till a file is created (dummy file) to start and begin the backup?


Thanks in advance for your help





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Hi, the obvious being scheduling software which will have dependencies for jobs.

If your using a script to do your db backup & export you could at into this script to call bpstart_notify which will call your backup to start. You can modify this to be specific, please see tech note below:



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Hi, you can get your script to call bpstart_nofity (NBU script) once your db backup and export is complete.

To run the scripts for a specific schedule, rename the files to:


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You can also start the backup manually with bpbackup -i -p <policy> in your script that exports the db. This command does the same as start a manual backup from the console.

The other common method is to run the dbexport from the bpstart_notify.policyname, but you would need to change the bpstart timeout and client timeout at the media server properties.

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As detailed issue with running the data prep phase in the pre script is timeouts and waiting for data. Typically a pre script is best suited for circumstances such as quiescing a DB, not so much doing a full db export to disk, though it could be of course.