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Best Way to configure FLASH BACKUP

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Dear Friends,

I have a small query ...

I have an windows server with d: drive 1 TB and used space 90% 

& e: drive 1 TB used space 80 % 

in both the drives there are around 10 Million files.

so flat file backup is taking almost 3 days to completed that to getting failed with Code 13 "file read failed"

I am planing to configure through flash backup ....

but has flash backup required 20 to 30 % of space in the drive which i dont have .

Kindly suggest what is the best way to take backup for an windows client with 10 million files.

Note :

1. I cant tar the file as per buisness requirement.

2. I have only 10 % to 20 % space in the local drive.



thanks in advance.




Vinayak Chennuri






Level 6

The best solution is likely to be MS-Windows policy with NBU Accelerator enabled but that requires compatible disk based storage (e.g. MSDP). However FlashBackup-Windows should also work including to tape but there are some restrictions (e.g. NTFS only on Windows). Backup images will be 2 x 1 TB as its volume not file based but I'm not aware it requires anything like 20-30% space within the local drives. It is documented in the Snapshot Client Guide. Andrew

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I have never seen this requirement:

...flash backup required 20 to 30 % of space in the drive

FlashBackup needs space on a different drive (not on D and E in your case) to use for snapshot. VSS (Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service) is by default used for FlashBackup on Windows. This means Windows VSS snapshot rules will apply here.

The alternative to FlashBackup is to use dedupe storage with features such as Client-side dedupe and Accellerator. 

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Sorry Marianne is correct of course, I missed the VSS overhead but this should be small unless a significant number of files are being updated during the backup window. Also FlashBackup requires either an Enterprise Cient or Capacity (Platform) license. Andrew