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Client Upgrade to 7.1 Strategy

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I have a question about the different ways to upgrade the NBU client to 7.1 in our Unix environment which uses Zones.

In the spring we upgraded our master server and media servers (all Solaris 10) from 6.5.6 to 7.1. We are now ready to upgrade the clients. I started doing this using the ./update_clients command and found that this worked great on machines that are not in a zone. When I went to do zones I ran into some problems. Talking to our Unix admin here he said that I will have to install it on the global zone first and then each virtual server in the zone. The problem is that we dont backup the global zone we just do the vm's. So there is no client listed on the master server to run the update_clients command against. Is it worth adding the global to NBU just to run the update_clients command? Or is there a better way to do this?


Am I on the right track here? Any advice would be appreciated. One other thing to note is that these zones are all machines running Oracle. I dont know if that makes a difference or not.


Thanks again in advance



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What kind of errors are you seeing when doing update_clients for local zones?

Is client hardware platform and OS correct for zones when you look at output of: bpplclients -allunique ?

Can master server connect to the local zones the same way it can connect to any other client? Test by selecting hostname in Master server's Client Properties.

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When i ran ./update_clients I made sure that I used the right hardware/OS in the Clientfile. I took it from the output of bpplclients


There are a few interesting things from the trace file when I ran it against the vm. the VM's name is mkt2dbdv



        mkt2dbdv Solaris/Solaris10 ...
CLIENT_CMD_SOCK from bpcd = 5
CLIENT_STAT_SOCK from bpcd = 6
BPCD connected
Couldn't read from file /usr/openv/netbackup/version on client mkt2dbdv
Client read errno = 0
Version files do not match - updating.
bin_net.tar.17704 size = 1536
client_bin.tar.gz size = 96835803
.sizes_client_bin size = 7
NB-Java.tar.gz size = 125304285
.sizes_NB-Java size = 7
extract_java size = 16961
JRE.tar.gz size = 55926727
.sizes_JRE size = 7
nbj.conf.17704 size = 584
PBX.tar.gz size = 3413913
installpbx size = 53874
pddeagent.tar.gz size = 37050048
pdinstall size = 40919
mkt2dbdv.17704 size = 23
move_libs size = 3381
version size = 24
tar size = 557232
.sizes size = 14
client_config size = 75587
stty: : Invalid argument
tar: blocksize = 3
x ., 0 bytes, 0 tape blocks
Terminating NetBackup and/or Media Manager processes.
Installing PBX...
Same version is already installed. Nothing to upgrade for package VRTSpbx
Installation log located here: /var/tmp/installpbx-12149-090911134336.log
Unpacking SYMCnbclt package.
Checking for pre-existing SYMCnbclt package.
Installing SYMCnbclt package.
Failed to install SYMCnbclt on mkt2dbdv-z2.
Cannot complete the install.

Then there is a whole bunch of lines like this:

x SYMCnbclt/root/usr/openv/var/vnetd/inetd_bpjava-msvc.txt, 92 bytes, 1 tape blocks




== Checking for pre-existing package ==
package SYMCnbclt is not installed
========= Installing package ==========
Processing package instance <SYMCnbclt> from </tmp/nb_pkg>
NetBackup Client(sparc)
## Executing checkinstall script.
Copyright 1993 - 2010 Symantec Corporation, All Rights Reserved.
VRTSpbx >=1.5 is required by SYMCnbclt.
checkinstall script suspends
Installation of <SYMCnbclt> was suspended (administration).
No changes were made to the system.

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Please log a call with Symantec Support right away...

With the new package installation on 7.1 clients it seems that local zones were not taken into account.

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I have performed this migration before my recommendation is that the global zone upgrade to update the client in the case of shared  zones uninstall the client and you have to installed the new version of netbackup is somewhat tedious but it is the best way. If you want a procedure for uninstalling the clinet  you can tell me.

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Hi, I litterly just ran this command.

Some servers will error out. For example clients that are already at the updated level will error out. Media servers will also error out. You can edit the /tmp/NB_CLIENT_LIST.<date>.3865 and remove servers that are not going to be updated.

I ran the update_clients script and it updated all the Solrais 10 server and there zone at the same time. You should not need to run global 1st and then the zones.