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Configure Storage Devices wizard can't start Media Manager device daemon on newly added Media Server

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After I added a 8.0 media Server (Windows) to our 8.0 master Server (Windows), I wanted to configure the tape library (attached to it) using Configure Storage Devices wizard on the master Server.

The wizard discovered the tape library (which is shared with the master Server) and all its 4 FC tape drives.

And everything was OK until the wizard reached the last step, where it failed to restart the Media Manager devices daemon on the media Server...

I thought it might be a certificate issue, but after I installed the certificate on the media Server, the wizard still failed to restart the devices daemon on the media Server.

I thought it might be a license issue, but I did put the license while installing the media Server (otherwise, it wouldn't have allowed me to do the installation)...

I wonder if someone can help me out here ? For example, have I missed anything during the installation, or which log I should look into ?

Thanks very much,



The reason why we are adding a 8.0 media Server - it's a long story.

Last week, we upgraded our 8.0 master Server to 8.2. But, for one reason for another, it didn't work with all of our VMs with VMFS-5 formated datastore. It didn't mean it's the fault of Netbackup though, as it could be something wrong on the VMware side as well...

Nonetheless, at that time, we had no choice but to roll the master Server back to 8.0

But we still want to go ahead with the upgrade, which we will have another go next month. 

That's why we are now adding a 8.0 media Server. Because, in case the 8.2 still can't SAN backup those VMs, we will let this 8.0 media Server to temporarily take care of the backup, so as to buy us enough time to find out why the  8.2 wouldn't SAN backup VMs hosted on VMFS-5 datastores.


Level 4

Hi, just to give a quick update on the events.

Finally, I've managed to get the Admin Console working on the media Server after deploying Hostname-based security certificate to it from the master Server. And from the console, I've added all the other licenses to the media Server.

After that, I re-ran the Configure Storage Devices, and this time, it started the Media Manager devices daemon on the media Server !!!

But, unfortunately, it stuck at the end while trying to add this tape library as a new Storage Unit... So, I had to kill the process and restart the NBU services just to be sure it will be ready for tonight's backup jobs.

However, as I can see, Under Devices > Drives, each tape drive has dual paths now, one is from the master Server, and another is from this media Server. Under Devices > Robots, Robotic Path also shows up with the media Server.

Now, the night's backup has just kicked off, so I'll wait for tomorrow to re-try this Configure Storage Devices wizard.

Fingers crossed...





Sorry, I forgot to ask a question,

Before running the Configure Storage Devices, do I need to shut down any services such as the Netbackup Media Manager service on the master Server ?

Just as a quick update on this.

I've finally got a workaround on this. In the Storage Units, I just made a copy from the existing master Server's storage unit, and then, changed the Media Server to be the new media Server, then it worked !

However, if trying to add it through ""New Storage Unit" option, it would too stuck just as the Configure Storage Devices wizard, not sure why though ???