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Custom SQL queries Date format

Hi All,

I wanted take a snapshot of the  active/queued jobs at say 8 AM in the morning and want them to be exported to some location.

I have a sample query that pulls out the active jobs

SELECT * FROM domain_job WHERE state = 1

Also the query for queued jobs is 

SELECT * FROM domain_job WHERE state = 0

But when the query runs the columns that contain the start time ,end time info are in the format

135892025510000000 (basically eighteen digit numbers with the last seven digits as 0 )

To my knowledge the ctime number is usually 10 digits,so when I take the first 10 digits for conversion (1358920255),I get the output as

 Wed, 23 Jan 2013 05:50:55 GMT  which im sure is not the output .


How to understand the format or change the format in the sql script or at excel ?? 

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Give this a try

Give this a try :

@Kevin, You need to use the

@Kevin, You need to use the following function in your query to format UTC time: UTCBigIntToNomTime() It will format it in the following format: Jun 3, 2013 10:00:00 PM